How To Know if a Guy is Worth Dating

With the great number of guys in the female social circle, it can be difficult to determine which men are worth dating and which ones are definitely not. It may seem like a struggle to divide the line, but in reality, it really isn't. Knowing if a guy is worth dating only requires a bit of observation and fact-gathering on the female's part.

Though it might not seem important, you should make sure said guy has a job. A casual dating relationship with a guy who doesn't have a job means you won't be going to dinner or the movies very often, and if you do, you may end up paying for him. Men that don't have jobs are also typically very lazy and very selfish, and you may find them wanting to date you only to mooch off your successful weekly paycheck. If you want to date someone seriously, a man without a job will not go very far. You want someone responsible and mature and someone who can at least hold down a minimum wage job.

When considering the guys in your social circle, observe their behavior. How do they act around other guys? Are they rough, crude, or prideful? If every other word is a swear word, you can probably pass the guy up. If the guy is always cracking disgusting jokes, you can also probably easily say no. You want to look for someone who is confident around other guys but not arrogant. You want someone who speaks well and has opinions but doesn't shove them in other people's faces. And you want someone who is strong and capable without being rude or disgusting to show his ability.

Observe how the guys act around other women. If a guy is falling all over the girls, drooling, or switching girlfriends every other week, you should run in the opposite direction. You want to seek out men who are kind to women without being overt or flirtatious with every girl that crosses their path. You want to find a man who is loyal in his affections and respectful in his actions.

You can gather a lot about a guy by observing his personal appearance and behaviors. You don't want to date a lazy man who does nothing but watch TV, eat junk food, and drink beer. Though you don't have to look for a guy dressed to the nines on every occasion, someone who is clean and orderly is always a good bet. First impressions really do mean a lot in the dating world. If a man isn't respectful enough to improve his appearance for social engagements, he isn't worth dating.

To know if a guy is worth dating, take a bit of time to observe and gather your thoughts. Simply put, if he isn't respectful, respectable, clean, loyal, mature, responsible, or capable, he probably isn't worth your time. But when you find a rare man who possesses these qualities, snatch him up before it's too late!


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