How To Know if He Is Still into You

Ten Top Signs that Your Guy Is No Longer Interested in You

It's been a month now and you and this interesting guy from your class have been together almost every weekend, watching movies or just hanging out by his place or yours. You've spent hours on the phone talking; your cell phone and email inbox are flooded with love quotes and text messages. And then he stops. Then you ask yourself, is he still interested in me? Here are some tips on how to know if he is or isn't.

  • You used to stay hours on the phone talking about almost anything and now he no longer calls--not even once--and he doesn't even answer your call. You've left several voice messages asking him to call and he didn't.
  • He used to send you emails about how you've made his day and now he doesn't.
  • You used to exchange mushy and sweet nothings through text messages and now he no longer texts you. He doesn't even reply to any of your text messages and you've sent dozens everyday.
  • He used to meet you after class to walk you home or just spend some time together and now he seems to avoid you. He seems not to hear you call his name.
  • You ask your best friend to talk to him and he just shrugged it off, telling her he's just busy.
  • You've tried to catch him at one of his football practices, and he said he's tired and he will give you a call or text you.
  • You bumped into him and his friends at lunch; you asked if you can sit with them just like you used to, and he said they will talk about something confidential and it's for the boys only.
  • You offered to work on your literature paper together, and he said he already has a group to work with.
  • You bought a ticket for two to his favorite rock band, and he said he couldn't make it. He's going out of town visiting some relatives.
  • You baked his favorite cookies and drove to his home; he just accepted the present and sent you home saying he's not feeling well.

These are just among the many instances implying that your guy is no longer interested in dating you. He doesn't have to tell it to your face; you should get the message right there and then.  He does have his reasons, until and unless he lets you know about those then we are not sure why he isn't into you anymore. The catch here, girlfriend, is that you have to move on. If he isn't into you, then you should not force yourself and beg for his attention. You are one unique and beautiful woman, you have so much love to give and he is not worth your time. Go out and have fun. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

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