How To Know if He Loves You

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Relationships can be complicated business. It is often difficult to be sure of your own feelings much less your partners. There is no sure way to know if a man loves you, but there are hints.  Naturally, you can try the direct learn tactful ways to do this, I recommend 1000 Questions for Couples.  You can find out how and when to ask him everything and anything with this handy guide!

Follow these steps and you can try to know if he loves you.

  1. Pay attention to his responses. Have you already told him your feelings? Does he pull away when you offer affection or does he cuddle closer? Notice the way he responds to you and your emotions. If he tenses or pulls away then emotion might be making him uncomfortable or things might be moving too fast for him.
  2. Stop if you spot negative warnings. Sometimes it is easy to tell that a man is not in love than it is to tell if he is in love. So if you spot any of the following negative warnings, then you know he is not in love and there is no reason to move forward.
    • Does he only call you late at night?
    • Does he ignore your phone calls?
    • Are you always to one to get in contact?
    • Does he refuse to meet your friends?
    • Does he watch other women when you are out together?
  3. Look for the signs. There are several signs you might watch for to know if he loves you. None of these are foolproof but if you begin noticing several, then you have reason to be hopeful. Ask yourself the following questions and look for the yes answers.
    • Does he take interest in your priorities?
    • Does he call you first?
    • Does he check in just to hear your voice?
    • Has he pushed for you to meet his friends and family?
    • Does he remember important days and events?
  4. Look to his friends and loved ones. Often the people most important in a guy's life will know how he feels even before he is sure. So pay attention to see if his friends and family behave openly and warmly accept you or if they keep their distance. The acceptance is a sign that the guy cares.
  5. Ask him. You might be reluctant to try this final step but if you cannot tell from the previous steps then you have two choices. You can ask the man what he feels or decide to wait him out. Realize that when you ask you might be pushing him before he is ready. If he has strong feelings he will offer them to you in his own time.

There are many signs that provide hints about whether a man loves you or not. Pay attention to the signs then be patient. If love is what he feels and it's meant to be, he will find a way to let you know.


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