How To Know if It's Time to Marry

Five Questions to Ask Before Saying 'I Do'

I'm sure that you are very excited about the prospect of becoming married, but have you considered at least the following 5 questions before you say, "I Do"?

  1. Have you dated your fiance long enough to understand their likes and dislikes? Remember in terms of short-term dating, people generally put their best foot forward. I suggest dating for at least one year. This will give you a good idea about the person's real attitude, disposition, and habits.
  2. Are you and your fiance financially stable? Believe it or not, financial difficulty is one of the leading causes of divorces in the United States. You do not want to start off ten steps behind. If the both of you are struggling financially, you are not ready to say, "I Do" as of yet. Get your finances under control and continue to study your potential spouse. If they do not have a job, the answer is no.
  3. Is your fiance a faithful person? This faitfulness deals with sex. I want to caution you from quickly engaging in sexual relations. Too much emotions and it tends to cloud your reasonable thinking. Don't be sexually active until your wedding night. If your fiance cannot honor that request, look out!! You may have something on your hands if he or she does not respect your morals and beliefs. He or she needs to be upfront with their sexual history. You do not want to contract any diseases.
  4. Will you have children? This is really important! If your future spouse does not like children and you do, you are setting yourself up for a divorce. Talk about it now.
  5. Do you communicate well with your fiance? Communication is key in any relationship. It is certainly a must in a marriage. If you and your fiance are having difficulty communicating, you must address the issues and try to resolve it. If the communication gap cannot be resolved, marriage is not the answer.


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