How To Know if Someone Likes You

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Body language is a great way to tell if someone likes you. You can use it as silent communication by observing another person.  Pay attention to signs or signals that you give someone you like and if the other person reciprocates, they like you in return. Body language is a way to express feelings toward people, which is called non-verbal communication; naturally, verbally speaking is called verbal communication. This article is written for both men and women.

  1. The first sign is to note how much space is between you.  Everyone has personal space that is comfortable to them.  If they like you, they will lean toward you to occupy your space and will allow you to occupy their space.  If they don't move away, they are telling you that they like you and want to be close to you.
  2. The second sign is to gaze into each other eyes.  Pupils will dilate, become larger, if you like them. Batting eyes is another sure sign girls give to show they like a guy. You will blink faster without realizing it and that is another sign that you like him.
  3. The third sign is to look at their feet.  If their foot and toes are pointed inward toward you, they like you and may even be intimated a little by how beautiful you are to them.
  4. The fourth sign is to pay attention to lips.  If they are smiling a lot at you and their lips are red-like in appearance and they lick or bite them without knowing they are doing it, is a sign that they like you.
  5. The fifth sign is to look for mirroring. If you mimic each other, it is a sign that you like each other.  Deliberately touch them with your hand and if they don't pull away, they like you.
  6. The sixth sign is you tell your friend that you like them. Ask questions to find out more about them. It will show that you like them as word gets around that you are asking many questions about them.
  7. The seventh sign is that they show up unexpectedly and out of nowhere. They only do that if they know your schedule and know where and what you are doing. Stop and talk to them and get to know each other better.  Listen to what each other says intently.  If they asks you out, accept the invitation!

These seven signs are ways that you can tell if someone likes you.  Body language can definitely tell how someone feels about you, loves you, or wants to be close to you without even saying a word. It is a form of communication between people at work, at school or social events. For example, if you are at school and your arms are crossed it means you are bored with the lecture and/or what is going on around you.


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