How To Know if You Are a Love Addict

Love can be a dangerous element if a person becomes addicted to it. Whether you are addicted to the emotion of love or the physical act of love, addiction is hazardous because you give control to something outside yourself. Letting the desire for love become the consuming, driving force in your life causes you to jump from relationship to relationship without any real happiness. Follow these steps if you are ready to know if you are a love addict.

  1. Ask yourself some serious questions. What do you enjoy about love? Do you thrive on the rush of new love? Does being without love make you depressed or anxious? How does love benefit your life? Do you believe love makes you a happier person?
  2. Write down your answers. It is not enough to ask the questions. You must be willing to honestly answer the questions. By writing your answers down to look at later, you increase your potential to be honest with yourself. Also, you will need these answers in later steps.
  3. Take a love break. As with any addiction, you need to take a break. Stop pursuing love cold turkey. Give up relationships and chasing love for a specific period of time. Set aside one month, or six months, to take a love break. The best time might seem to be at the end of a relationship but if you choose to start your love break after a rough breakup, you will need even more time to recover.
  4. During the break, pay attention to signs of withdrawal. This step will give you a clear answer to the question of whether you are a love addict or not. In the first few weeks of your love break, you may spend time with friends, catch up with your housekeeping and even get in shape. All your extra time can be put to good use. After the first few weeks, however, you may run out of things to do to distract you from your addiction. This is withdrawal setting in. If you ache to go out to find a man or if you are starting to feel badly about yourself, you now know you are a love addict. This insecurity you are beginning to feel is a sign that you are addicted to love for the boost of self-esteem it gives you.
  5. Review your answers from step two. If you are almost certain you are addicted to love and are finding your love break painful, you are ready for this step. Go back to the questions in step one and the answers you wrote down in step two. Read your answers. Have your answers changed? Or are you ready to break your addiction? Now is the time for introspection.
  6. Learn what you love, other than love. Find out if there is anything else you can feel passionate about. Do you enjoy sports, reading, movies or any other activity? Are you passionate about your job? Now that taking the earlier steps is opening your eyes to your love addiction, you may want to consider what else has the potential to bring happiness to your life.

If these steps have taught you that the addiction to love and the pursuit of love is keeping you from really finding love, take heart. Knowing that you have an addiction is the first step to getting rid of it and moving on with your life.


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