How To Know if You are in a Rebound Relationship

Rebound relationships are doomed to failure because at least one of the partners is still recovering from the end of their previous relationships. You may not know in the beginning that you are part of a rebound relationship. If you suspect you are his rebound girl, then follow these steps to know if you are in a rebound relationship.

  1. Find out how much time is spent in the past. Relationships end different ways so there is no clear guideline with how fast he will get over the previous woman in his life. If your new guy still talks to his ex on a daily basis, there may be cause for concern. Listen for clues. Does he still talk about his ex? Do they see each other? Are her photos still decorating his home or worse, his mother's home? These are all clues that he might be on the rebound.
  2. Ask yourself, does he sound too good to be true. Often in a rebound situation the romance gets very serious, very fast. The guy may seem overly involved and interested in getting to the next step before you are ready. He may buy ostentatious gifts early in the relationship and be needy or interested in settling down after a few months into a relationship. When a man you know a short time wants to commit and move fast, find out if he has a previous relationship that he might need to heal.
  3. Pay attention to his reactions. One big clue that a man is on the rebound can be found in the way he reacts to certain situations. Do you get the sense that your arguments are about more than he says? Does he overreact when you are late calling? If the man has reactions that seem extreme for the situation, he may be reacting to the baggage he carries from the previous relationship.
  4. Watch his friends. If you are still unsure about whether the man is on the rebound, consider watching his friends. The friends a guy spends time with may be surprised to see you on the guy's arm so soon after a breakup or they might slip and call you by the previous girlfriend's name. His friends probably won't have a touchy feely conversation or tell you that the guy is on the rebound, so watch for their subtle responses for hints.

Asking if your new guy is on the rebound is a sure way to lose whatever momentum your new relationship has. So instead of taking the direct approach, take these steps. You can find out if you are in a rebound relationship.


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