How To Know if You Are Truly in Love

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Knowing if you are truly in love can be a difficult thing. Some will say, "You just know," or "If you have to ask then you aren't." It is more complicated than that though. There are some questions you can ask yourself to help decide.

  • Does he/she make me laugh when life is hard? Laughter in a relationship is so important. Having a partner who makes you laugh can pull you through difficult times. People who are in love connect on a level that others don't. Being able to make each other laugh in the midst of the worst day ever is a sign that you are both in love.
  • Can I forgive and forget when he/she makes a mistake? Think of the biggest mistake your partner has ever made. Have you forgiven him/her for that mistake? Have you, since it happened, brought it back up to hurt them or to remind them what they have done to hurt you? If you are answering yes, then you are most likely not in love with that person. If it is true love, then your feeling would overcome the hurt from the past and you would be able to move on without having to mention their past mistakes to them again.
  • Can I talk to him/her about anything? Having the ability to communicate openly and honestly with your significant other says as much about whether or not you are in really in love as anything. Couples who love each other are able to move past awkwardness or uncomfortable-ness and talk about things that bother them, things that make them happy, and things that are important to them. Being able to both share your thoughts and feelings as well as being able to listen to those of your partner is a sign of love.
  • Would I swim through shark-infested water to bring him/her lemonade if he/she was thirsty? Okay, so you may not be able to take this question literally. (Although, if you can say yes to that, then you most likely have your answer to the bigger question as well.) Still, think about whether or not you would do anything for that special someone. Would you lie, cheat, or steal for them? Would you put yourself in danger if it would save that person? In reality, someone who loves you as much as you love them would never ask you to do those things. However, knowing how far you would go to make that person smile can give you some insight into whether or not your love is true, deep, and everlasting.

If you believe you have found true love, hold on to it. True love can be hard to find these days and it is worth the difficulties that may come with it.


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