How To Know if You Will Marry Your Partner

Are you thinking about marriage but not quite sure that your current partner is "the one" - the love of your life and the person you will marry? Your feelings about that very special someone will differ from those of a casual liaison. While there are no matrimonial guarantees, the following considerations will help you recognize your potential marriage partner.

First, you accept your partner just as he or she is, despite limitations or foibles. When you recognize that your partner is not perfect, but believe that any shortcomings are merely a small annoyance in an otherwise wonderful package, you may be more likely to marry him or her. However, if you cringe at the prospect of living with your partner's faults on a day-to-day basis, you should not consider marriage to that person.

Next, you and your partner should have common family and financial goals. Agreeing on whether or not you want children, and the role and significance of other relatives, is an important factor in deciding whether to marry your partner. You also must share economic goals. Whether you are both ambitious or not is immaterial; what is crucial is that you agree on economic goals. If you and your partner have very different ideas about the importance of family, or your economic goals are incongruous, a successful marriage is unlikely.

A mutually satisfying intimate relationship is the harbinger of a future marriage. Whether the physical aspects of your relationship are merely petting and caressing or actual lovemaking, sexual compatibility with your partner is essential to marriage. The absence of mutually enjoyable intimate experiences will quickly squelch the idea of marrying your partner.

If you respect your partner's opinions and viewpoints, you are more likely to consider marrying him or her. Even though you and your partner may disagree, trusting in your partner's judgment is a good indication that he or she is the person you will marry. You will not marry someone you do not respect or whose opinions you cannot trust.

Finally, if you feel incomplete and life seems meaningless without your partner, he or she is the one. That person is your best friend; someone you accept as they are; someone who wants the same things you do; someone you are intimate with on many levels; and someone you trust and respect. If you need him or her by your side - through joys and tears, in sickness and in health, for all of your life - he or she is the one you will marry.


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