How To Know if your Crush Likes you Back

It can happen anytime and at any place—you may have dropped something, and she picks it up for you with a smile you can’t quite get out of your mind. Or perhaps you caught a glimpse of her in your peripheral vision, and you realize your heart had skipped a beat. Whatever the situation might have been, you can’t seem to get her out of your head and so you end up trying your very best to get to know her.

If you’re suffering from these ‘symptoms,’ then there’s nothing to worry about. It is simply a little case of love sickness. Of course, one of the pitfalls of having a crush is letting your feelings remain undiscovered for too long. If you are one day hoping to have a meaningful relationship with your crush, then you have to make a decent effort of trying to get to know her, all the while reading her body language. It can be a little tricky as well, as making your feelings too obvious too early might just end up pushing the girl you adore away—so while you are getting to know her, here are some tips to aid you in knowing whether or not your crush likes you back:

  • See if your crush plays favorites. One of the easiest ways to know about whether or not your crush genuinely likes you back is to observe how she treats others compared to how she treats you. Though nothing is ever as simple as that when it comes to budding romance, you can use this step as an example and a guide on how to continue getting to know her. If the way she treats you doesn’t quite measure up to the way she treats her other friends, then you simply have to work harder to get to know her.
  • Open the eyes and ears of others to your plight. You and your crush likely have your own share of friends, but chances are there will be a couple of mutual acquaintances in the mix as well. If that is the case (and if you trust them enough), then you can confide to them regarding your feelings. If all goes well, they could be the ones to let you know if your crush had anything good to say about you, or if she harbors the same feelings. They can even help your relationship grow by setting up trips to the mall, and purposely letting the two of you bond.
  • The simple solution is also the hardest. If you find yourself still having trouble despite trying your very best in an attempt find out if she feels the same way, then perhaps it is time for your last resort—going up to your crush and asking her straight up. This can be quite scary, but you are likely to get a straight answer. Be prepared, as it may not be the answer you want. Before trying this, it is recommended that you make sure you and your crush get along very well first. Build on your friendship, so that the foundation is strong enough to harbor deeper feelings, ultimately increasing the chances of getting the answer you want.

Love is all about patience. If you strive hard enough towards a goal, you have a fighting chance, and if you still cannot get her to like you in that way, then there can be no regrets because you tried your best. All is not lost however, as time often changes a person’s perspective.


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