How To Know If Your Relationship Is Over

Splendid nights. Romantic Dinners. Cup of Coffee. Weekend Getaways. We often ask ourselves if we are on nirvana when we experience these moments. Time and again, we wish that this feeling would never come to an end and the magic will last forever.  But in reality, this is not the real situation. One fight may lead to another, then another. Until you both finally decided to part ways. And all you have right now are the memories you both shared together; the laughter, the fun, the days you both spent with one another.

When by yourself,  you keep on thinking how it came to an end. What were the early signs? And how did you both realize that it is finally over? Mind boggling, isn’t it.

Here are some expert’s opinions on How to Know If The Relationship Is Over.

The sweetness has gone. One day, he keeps on telling you that he misses you so much. But after a few weeks or so, whenever you were together, there is coldness by now. He is not the same person he used to be weeks ago. In addition to this, whenever you asked him about what’s been happening, he just gives you a poker face. Perhaps, he doesn’t want you to be part of his life anymore. And yes, it’s a sign that he wanted to leave the relationship.

Fighting has become your form of affection. Petty quarrels become a boxing match every now and then. Both of you are easily pissed off with each other’s reactions. To sum it all, there are more arguments than quality time together. This is a hint that the relationship isn’t working.

He is cheating on you. If you suspect that he has many excuses repeatedly and your intuition is right, do you think it is still worth it? Isn’t obvious or you would like to hear straight from him that he is cheating on you. Cheating is the most upsetting feeling and anyone who cheats on his partner is unforgivable. The most important element in a relationship is respect and if he doesn’t give you that kind of respect that you deserve, forget about your feelings for him. Your relationship is not working out.

How is your sex life? Any relationship needs intimacy; some even do the act to release stress and fatigue. But do you recall when was actually the last time you had a great sex? A number of couples experience this phase too but if you both have reasons of not doing the deed for ages, something is wrong in the relationship. If sex is not in your routine for the week, is kissing and caressing present?

Future plans. So, you have been dating for a while now. Have you started making plans together? Okay, if you don’t have proposals yet of getting hitched, are there any signs that he is preparing for the future? Every relationship needs assurance. Let’s say that your partner is not yet ready, how long are you willing to wait. Hold your fire and ask him. If he has no answers, then reassess everything. Maybe he is not really into you.


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