How To Know if Your Relationship Needs Help

Knowing and recognizing a relationship is in need of help can depend upon many different things. Whether married, dating or in a long-term relationship, everyone wonders from time to time about the health of their relationship. However, if you have reached the point in a relationship where you are forced to ask yourself this question frequently, then you and your partner may need help. If you have to wonder if your relationship needs assistance, this could be the first sign in knowing that you probably do. Some simpler and more obvious signs that your relationship may need help or professional intervention could include:

  • Lack of open communication between you and your partner
  • Lack of knowing and accepting the views, wants and needs of your partner
  • Consistent arguments, fighting or disagreements
  • Apathy towards the feelings of your partner; refusals of help or assistance with common goals
  • Lying or not divulging facts when asked by your partner
  • Keeping secrets or being dishonest as to simple activities
  • Lack of physical contact
  • Unexplained financial losses or not knowing where money is being spent
  • Refusing help, relationship assistance or advice
  • Not knowing or being informed of your partner’s whereabouts

Knowing whether or not the above situations require relationship help would depend upon the consistency and severity of each circumstance. The more constant and ongoing a situation, the closer you may be to a serious sign for help in your relationship. Seeking professional counsel for relationship advice and assistance would be recommended if one or more of these above situations occur on a constant basis, causing emotional disturbance within your relationship.

However, less defined or irregular instances of the above situations may suggest less of a need for concern or relationship intervention.  Some of the above situations could be attributed to simple daily activities or unforeseen circumstances due to your partner's work schedule, family commitments or other obligations outside of your relationship. Knowing, recognizing and then accepting the difference between the two is crucial as you determine whether or not your relationship is in need of help. Knowing that your partner’s work or family obligations may also need to take precedence outside of your relationship should also be understood and considered when defining if your need relationship help or advice from a professional.

However, a partner who consistently cites the needs of outside circumstances as a means of excuse or explanation as to any of the above situations may not hold the same regard for your relationship as you. Understanding these behaviors and their circumstantial differences may help you in knowing if your relationship is in need of help from professional intervention.


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