How To Know if You're Ready to Date

You will know if you're ready to date when several key things happen in life.  First, there are ways to know when you're ready to date in general or perhaps for the first time.  There are additional signs of readiness to look for when dating in a situation, such as after a break up.

In either circumstance, you will know if you're ready to date and get to know another person by first knowing yourself.  The maturity to project who you are and what you want out into the dating scene is very attractive to many others who seek dates.  Always take time to find your interests and passions in order to find others who have similar or complementary interests.

The maturity and readiness to date also manifests itself in asking the person you find attractive to meet for lunch.  From there, if you're really ready to date, you'll know because both you and the other person will find questions to ask in getting to know each other.  As you discover common interests, more dates tend to be set up, and both parties enjoy what they do together.  The physical attraction that brought things together the first time only acts as a starting block if you are ready to date and establish a relationship with someone.

Extra time needs to be taken before you know if you are ready to date again following the demise of a relationship.  Even if the breakup has been mutual when two people discover they do not fit together, each needs to take several steps back and rediscover his or her own identity before trying to attract a new partner.  This is especially important if the prior relationship was one with a lot of time invested in it, since one needs to thoroughly sort through what happened and all of the resulting emotions.

Often, even in cases where one partner leaves the other, even for good reasons such as abuse, addiction, or adultery, the one who does the leaving can benefit from time off between dates.  Jumping into a relationship too quickly or on the rebound may make the person feel special initially, but he or she sometimes wonders after a short time why this dating pattern was established.  This can lead to another, almost immediate break up, and enough of them can make someone become afraid of committing to even the best of relationships.  You will now if you're ready to date when you've thought through and perhaps received counseling for the issues that led you and the former partner to break up.  Allowing that time between relationships gives you time to heal your heart and build the capacity to love yourself and another person in the way all people deserve to be loved.


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