How To Know if You've Found your Soul Mate

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The idea of the soul mate, the other half of your being, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. Those who believe in soul mates believe that there is one other person in the world who they are fated to be with. If you are a believer you can follow these steps to know if you've found your soul mate.

  1. Believe. Don't let statistics about marriage and the unhappiness of the world get you down. If you believe that your soul mate is out there, you need to believe he will find you one day. Don't settle for less than the mate who is the other half of your being.
  2. Ask yourself, does he complement you. Soul mates are not identical or even one person. They are two individuals who complement each other evenly so that they fit well together. You will not find your soul mate being your twin. Instead he will be your opposite in many ways and together you can find balance. If you are always late, his punctuality will help balance you. If he's a cynic, your optimism may just bring him around.
  3. Don't keep secrets. If you feel the need to keep secrets from your partner, then you are missing the trust that comes with being soul mates.
  4. Feel the instant connection. When you met your mate, was the connection instant? Did you look into his eyes and just know you fit? The instant connection is a good indication that he might be your soul mate. If you were able to skip the nerves and games usually found at the beginning of a relationship, you are well matched.
  5. Grow together. Change is natural and necessary to human life. Don't expect that you won't change as individuals and as a couple as time goes on. True soul mates change together, instead of hindering them.
  6. Increase your strength and longevity. Soul mates bond even closer over time. Partners who are soul mates may come together in instant passion but that passion does not fade. As the months then years pass, you will still feel that instant passion. Then you also feel the warmth and solidarity that comes with being matched with your soul mate.
  7. Bring out your best qualities. Your soul mate will not bring out the green-eyed monster in you. He will accentuate your best, most pure qualities. Being with him will make you each want to love more and love better. If your mate makes you want to be a better person each and every day, he is your soul mate.

You may want every man you fall to be your soul mate but he isn't. If you search too hard, you may not find him. Have some fun along the way and follow these tips so you will be able to know when you've found your soul mate.


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you gave strong points of what soul mates should be. nice article. thanks!

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