How To Know What Men Find Attractive

You see a handsome man across the room; you make eye contact and smile. He gives you a slight nod with no indication of being remotely interested and you're left wondering why. The truth is men are just as much a mystery to women as women are to men. So what do men find attractive, you ask? The answer in its simplest form is, women. This in turn leads to another question, what kind of women do they find attractive?

One could spend a lifetime researching this matter and come no closer to answering these questions to the satisfaction of all men. However there are some universal truths of attraction that will help women to understand the idiosyncrasies of men.

The first thing one must understand is that men are visual, they are stimulated by sight.  Being visual creatures men are either repulsed or attracted by what they see. All human beings are attracted to pretty things, the  showier a thing is the more attention it gets. Men enjoy watching good-looking women, its a part of their nature.  If one thinks in terms of going to an art museum it's usually exhibits things that are beautiful or unusual that men gather around. Men are especially drawn to exhibits with beautiful women, cars, guns, war and many other things of male interest. Men are sometimes lured by pornography because of its visual nature.

Having established the visual nature of men let's move to our second point; that is that men are competitive hunters. Men love a challenge! They love to hunt and chase, it's the king of the jungle syndrome. Men tend not to want a woman who is easy unless he is looking for a quickie. He is by nature an aggressor and will shy away if a female is too aggressive. Men want to pursue the object of attraction. Being competitive men desire what another man may possess.

With these two thoughts in mind one can deduce what men find attractive. First, men desire someone who is  pleasing to look at. One doesn't have to look like Cindy Crawford or Halle Berry, but a woman who takes pride in her appearance and displays confidence will attract a lot of male attention.

Confidence can carry a person who may not possess great beauty very far. Knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is an attractive and desirable trait to men. Also being aware of one's own sexuality and being sexy without trying too hard is attractive. A man wants someone who knows how to be a sexual being without being sleazy or rather knows when to be a tease.

The art of attracting men is not rocket science, but it does require knowing something about the man you are trying to attract. Every man is different and has different taste when it comes to what they want in a potential partner. Do your research, if you are out to capture the attention of a specific man it is wise to find out as much about him as possible without becoming a stalker.

One of the most important bits of advice we've all heard at one time or another is to be yourself. Men just like women desire someone who is real and true to themselves.  At the end of the day when all pretence is out of the way and you're alone with that special someone, they will see you for who you are; wouldn't it be nice if that's the same person they first met?


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