How To Know When She Is the One

In the search for a perfect mate, we can sometimes settle for one-night stands and casual flings instead. After all, it is tons of fun to jump from one conquest to another. Then one day, you get to a point in your life where "the one" hits you like a truck.

When the right one comes along, it will bring you back on the track to love, happiness and eternal servitude. I am not talking about marriage yet but it could lead to that. You wait for the ball to drop to expose a fatal flaw that will force you to continue your search.  In the meantime, you enjoy every single moment with her in the off chance that she is the one.

Of course, the question every man is asking is, "Is she really the one?" How do you find out if the one you are with is the be-all and end-all of partners? This guide will help point you in the right direction to discover the woman who will be there for the rest of your life.  Follow these simple tips, and you would inch closer to deciding she is the one, then, you can make the decision that she really is.

  1. Look at the start of the relationship. Hardship is a good sign that you and your mate are working on your relationship.  This is well and good for most people but in some cases, fate tends to give you an easier time. It is like the stars lined up to bend to your will and put you both together. Might as well let up and let fate guide your way. When you meet "the one," everything will seem to come easily to you. No awkward silences, no bumping of teeth on that first kiss. The smooth beginning is usually a good sign that she is the one.
  2. How does she interact with the people important to you? This is a question you need to ask, because when you find the one, she will eventually interact with the people who are with you the most. This includes special gatherings, holidays and everyday life. Is she nice to them or is she being bitchy whenever they are around? Does she change who she is just to act civil or does she act the way she really is and just hopes they like her just as she is. It is important that your partner acts naturally around your loved ones because she will be around them a lot. The way your family and friends act around her is also important. If she does not feel accepted by the people close to you, she will most certainly bolt. This is especially true if she has exerted a lot of effort to impress your folks and buds.
  3. Do you like her just the way she is? Change is constant and we will always want what we do not have. This is just human nature.  "The one" puts human nature on hold and pushes us to accept both the good and bad sides of a relationship. Ask yourself how you feel about the bad things about your "love."  Is it endearing in a way and only makes you love her more?

Eventually you will have to make a choice.  If all these criteria fit her, then you might just have a keeper in your hands.  If the choice is hard because it is like you need her too much, then you are on the right track. After all, finding the one is not about finding someone you can be with. It is about finding someone you cannot be without.


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Nice perspective. The last two sentences settles it. Thank you!

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