How To Know when Your Relationship is in Trouble

If your relationship is in trouble, there will be some tell-tale signs. Luckily, if you catch the problems early and you make the right moves to rekindle your relationship and better understand your partner, your relationship may not be headed for doom.

There are many different ways people come about realizing their relationship is on the rocks. If your partner has been avoiding you, if there is a lack of romance that used to be very present, if you find yourself arguing with your partner and you don't even know why, or you are shutting them out completely, these could be signs that your relationship is in trouble. Here's how to tell:

  1. The first step to salvage a troubled relationship is communication. It sounds simple enough, but just communicating your concern to your partner and trying to come to some common ground will show you whether or not you and your partner are willing to work through any relationship troubles you may be having. The best way to approach your partner is in a non-combative and defensive way. If you begin by accusing your partner, the relationship will be headed for trouble a lot faster. Ask them how they have been feeling about the relationship lately. Ask them if they feel things have changed. Voicing your concerns will not only make you feel better, but it will also let your partner know you sense trouble in your relationship.
  2. The second step also sounds simple, but many couples have decided to throw in the towel before they make any effort to save their relationship. If your relationship is in trouble, the second most important thing to do is show some effort. Prove to your partner that you really want to work things out between you. Take those small steps to get your relationship back to where it used to be. Buy some flowers, cook a special dinner, change out of your pajamas and go on a date. All these things will prove to your partner that you're committed to finding a real solution.
  3. The next step to saving a troubled relationship is to keep your concerns from becoming the latest gossip. Of course you want to talk to your friends about the problems you're having in your relationship, but you don't want to talk about your relationship to bring about negativity to it. The more you bad mouth your relationship and your partner, the less likely you'll be willing to make things work.

In severe cases, you might want to suggest relationship counseling. Even if you just attend one session, the help of a professional might encourage you and your partner to work through your differences and come together to hold your relationship back together and build it up to where it needs to be.


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