How To Land a Date Online

Since the start of the Internet, users have sought to connect to each other.  The purpose of connection has been anything from business to pleasure, but most have sought pleasure.  From early Usenet groups to personalized  websites to online dating sites offering to match people based on likes and personal preferences, net surfers have sought ways to land a date online. Where do you place your ad?  How do you perform in a chat room?  Here's some online dating advice from an experienced dater:

  • Honesty is the best policy.  Unless you want your online date to be the only date, be honest.  If you ever intend to meet your new friend in the flesh, don't make up stories about your height, your weight, your job or your money.  Online dating sites are filled with people who shave off a few pounds, or a couple of years.  Be different: land a date online with your true self!
  • Use a real picture. This one is more for the girls. Your online date won't care that you've been to Glamour Shots in the mall or that your neighbor is a professional photographer.  Pictures that show you in a natural way, without "artistic" modifications are going to land you a date online much faster than posed shots of you in front of a white screen. If you don't look that good on even your best days, then don't use it for your profile picture.
  • Smile!  This is more for the guys. You don't look more masculine by frowning.  In fact, you look rather like a nerd in front of a computer. To land a date online you need to look inviting, friendly, engaging.  A grimace won't do it: Smiles are sexy.

With your honest profile and your nice picture, the next step is an online chat or an email conversation.  Try to write in your natural voice.  Be honest - but be upbeat!  Be generous and honest in complimenting the other person: their beauty or things you both like.  Try to avoid lots of typos and things like "LOL" and smiley faces. In online chat that makes you seem more like a sixteen-year-old being shallow than an adult trying to land a date online.

The final step, of course, is asking your new friend to meet in the flesh.  This is the actual landing.  Pick a place you will both like, but a place where you'll both feel safe, where there will be no pressure.  A day-time meeting for lunch or coffee is better the first time than a night time date with subtle implications of "dessert"  to follow.

Follow these steps to landing a date online and you might even find yourself landing a second or third date.  Good luck!


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