How To Learn About Tough Love Parenting

Almost every parent will tell you that it is not easy being a parent. It is often easier to go to work day-in-and-day-out than to parent a child, especially a difficult one. Each father or mother parents differently. Some experts say that a parent acquires his parenting skills from his mother or father. If the parents are not positive role models, then it may be a difficult road ahead for the child who becomes a parent himself.

According to experts, there are a number of different parenting styles each with its pros and cons. One such style is called tough love parenting. In this type of parenting method, the parent has to assert himself and learn to hold his ground until the child (usually a rebellious or difficult to manage teenager) is compelled to act responsibly and adapt her behavior according to what the parent believes is acceptable. To learn more about this kind of parenting style, here are some tips.

  • Look for reading materials. Today’s bookstores are awash with family and parenting books by different authors. Take the time to go to your local bookstore or the library and grab copies of books on tough love parenting. Make sure not just to look at book titles but to check the table of contents to ensure that you have the right books. If you are not sure which ones to get, write down the titles and authors of the books you are interested in and move to the next tip.
  • Find reading materials online. There is so much knowledge sharing going on online. So much so that there is no lack of articles and stories pertaining to what tough love is, how it is applied, success stories of parents who practiced tough love and more. Visit Preteen-thru-teenage-parenting-action-guide. This has a whole article, which looks into tough love as a parenting principle. It even gives you a history of the term tough love and the parents who coined the phrase. Don’t forget to look for books online. If you have a list of books on tough love, find reviews of these books to determine if they are worth purchasing.
  • Talk to child-rearing experts. Start with your child’s guidance counselor. Make an appointment and ask her above tough love parenting. Find out what she thinks about the concept. Remember that you are just there to listen and gather information and not engage in a battle of wits. Seek out other experts as well. Talk to a child psychologist and see if he can shed light on the matter.
  • Attend parenting seminars. Use the web to find parenting seminars in your area. There are many websites that have information on talks, workshops and seminars on parenting. Of course many experts are not to keen on tough love parenting so expect that you will find seminars that offer alternatives instead. It may be good for you to explore these other options.

Tough love is not just a parenting style aimed at troubled or difficult to handle teenagers. It can also be applied to younger children with some modifications. If you want to find out more about this style of parenting, follow the suggestions above on how to and where to learn about tough love parenting. If it was already difficult to parent years ago, it is doubly difficult to parent today. Don’t hesitate to look for help, support and resources to find the right parenting style for the benefit of your children and yourself.


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