How To Leave a Goodbye Gift When Your Child Moves

It can be hard on a parent when a child leaves home for the first time. Leaving goodbye notes and gifts for your child when she moves from home can convey many different feelings. Not only can it tell your child how much you will miss her after she has left, it also gives you a tangible sense of connection after she is gone. Whether you would choose to leave your child a simple card which tells her you love her, or a gift that they may find useful in their new home or endeavor, leaving a goodbye gift for your child tells them that you will always love her, miss her and be there for her no matter what.

There are numerous ideas and ways for you to leave a gift to say goodbye to your child either as she is leaving or even before or right after. Surprise gifts can be made and given with the instructions that your child not open her gift until after you have said goodbye and she is on her way. Gift giving can be done at the door as you are saying goodbye to your child as well. Passing her a gift as you embrace is a lovely sentiment that you and your child will always remember and consider fondly. Below are some ways to give your child a goodbye gift for when she moves and begins a whole new life of her own:

  • If you wish to surprise your child with a goodbye gift, try slipping a small card with a check or a store gift card placed inside in her pockets or some other discreet area where she will only notice it later. This may perk her up if she is feeling apprehensive about moving for the first time.
  • If your child will be in of need any household products, the gift of a small appliance like a toaster oven or coffee maker is a marvelous idea. Try ordering a gift like this to have it arrive at her new home shortly after or just as she arrives. This would make a lovely welcome home gift for your child and can comfort her in her new place.
  • If your child will be leaving using her own automobile, discreetly place some household gift items into the rest of the things in her car. A clothes basket, dryer sheets, clothes detergents, hampers or other laundry items make terrific and useful goodbye and welcome home gifts for your child to enjoy in her new home.
  • Consider giving your child the gift of a going away or goodbye party. Invite all of her close friends to share in the joy and excitement of her new and wonderful adventure.


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