How To Leave an Unhealthy Relationship

Leaving a relationship is hard to do, especially when the relationship at hand is unhealthy.  There are many types of relationships, but ultimately the relationship is damaging when you are no longer happy with your partner.

There may be apparent reasons why you are unhappy in your relationship, such as physical or mental abuse, or a controlling or jealous partner.  Your relationship may simply be unhealthy because you are no longer satisfied with your partner, but continue to stay in the relationship for sake of being alone.

Be confident in your decision and know that it’s the right thing to do for the both of you.  To help make your decision easier, keep a journal or make a list of the factors in your relationship that are unhealthy.  You will clearly see why you must leave the relationship.

You will need to speak with your partner to tell him or her that you are leaving the relationship and why.  Although this is a difficult and uncomfortable thing to do, you must tell your partner in person.  Breaking up over the phone or Internet is not nearly as effective or considerate of one’s feelings.

If your partner has a history of abuse, make sure that you break up with him or her in a public place.  For added safety, phone a friend or family member in advance so that they are aware of what is taking place.  Friends or family can also make themselves available to pick you up and take you home.

When leaving an unhealthy relationship, it is important that you tell your partner why you are leaving in a matter-of-factly manner.  Do not get emotional and do not blame yourself or your partner for faults within the relationship.  Be firm and don’t give your partner room to apologize and try to win you back.  Show your partner that this decision is yours and that it has already been made.

If you have living arrangements with your partner, have a plan in action beforehand.  Have boxes available to pack your belongings in, choose what items you are going to take with, and have a place to stay when you move out.

One of the most difficult parts of leaving an unhealthy relationship is to end it completely.  Many times, ex-couples struggle to remain friends, because they are scared to cut each other out from their lives entirely.  However, your relationship is unhealthy for a reason and giving your partner the opportunity to stay in contact with you can form other kinds of unhealthy relationships.  Instead, close the lines of communication, at least for the present.  You can always try for a friendship down the line.


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