How To Let Go of Someone You Really Love

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Letting go of someone you really love will be one of the hardest things you will encounter.  Going through regular break-ups can be hard enough, but watching the one you love walk out of your life is hard to move past.  That is why it takes a lot of time and positive attitude to let go of someone you love.

Time is an important factor because as time passes, you will be able to come to terms with what happened in the relationship.  Time also allows you to rebuild parts of your life and can even lead you to meeting someone new and starting up a new relationship.  Just remember that it will get easier, but you must take the time to focus on yourself.  Don’t strive for a new relationship right off the bat; instead enjoy yourself as single and take up a new hobby to keep you busy.

Having a positive attitude also helps in letting go of someone you really love.  Positive may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s important to stay strong and not continually dwell on what happened.  You also want to remain positive because you don’t want to fall in the trap of blaming yourself for things not working out.

Stay away from drugs or alcohol, as these can impair your thinking.  While you may want to numb your feelings of pain, drugs and alcohol will only suppress your feelings for the present time, while leaving you more vulnerable when you sober up.

When letting go of someone you really love, make a promise to yourself that you will move on with your life.  This is one of the biggest steps you can take and requires a lot of strength and determination.  Start up a new hobby, spend time with family and friends, or join an exercise class.  Keep yourself busy and before you know it, days will pass without you having much time to dwell on the one you lost.

An important part of moving on also requires you getting rid of the mementos that make you think of your ex, such as love letters, cards and photos.  In order to truly let go, there is no reason to keep these things around.  After all, having them within reach can cause you to look at them and bring back feelings of pain and resentment.  If this is hard for you to do, have a friend or family member help you.  And remember, there is no reason to sort through these mementos; simply throw them all away in a large trash bag.

As time goes on and you begin to heal, learn to forgive the person you once loved.  Forgiving your loved one will help you to move forward and love someone else.  True love really does last forever, but it may not always mean that you were meant to be together.


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