How To Let Out your Inner Cougar

It is almost considered normal to see an older man together with a young woman. It is seen as a sign of virility and machismo. Snagging a younger woman means that you have charmed this young Lolita off of her feet and will soon show her the ways of the world and leave her better for it. This is the world in the view of many. You can see this in movies like "Shopgirl" and "Gone with the Wind," but there is a new revolution coming.

Movies are now showing older women being with younger men. Movies like "Faithful" with Diane Lane and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" with Angela Bassett. These movies depict the tables turned--older women and younger men together and in love. I'll give it to you that one of the stories did not pan out so great, where one young man was bludgeoned with a blunt object but an older woman can really be sexy.  Follow these simple steps and you can use your age and experience to develop a more sophisticated relationship that is based on mutual respect and appreciation.

Step 1

Everything begins with a smile. Everybody knows that the smile is the most effective pick-up method in the world. A winning smile can be inviting to any young fellow. Before you let out the smile, a few preparations are in order. Start by brushing your teeth. A quick look in the compact would also be nice. You don't want to flash your smile with a big chunk of spinach hanging from it. Practicing your smile to be sheepishly flirting can also do you good when you are trying to catch that younger stud.

Step 2

Make eye contact. Look into the eyes of your intended target and continue to display your beautiful smile. Look away as though you are being shy. Hold the eye contact for about 4 to 6 seconds. Take a few glances to see if you caught his attention. If he is looking your way again, then you have him but if not, then you could repeat the glance.  One of the advantages of your age is that you are probably not as shy as you were first time 'round the block.  Use that confidence to your advantage.

Step 3

Clothes make the cougar. Dress like a true blue cougar. Put on something that boosts your confidence. Make yourself feel hot by showing off some skin. Just enough to make you feel sexy without making it feel awkward for you. A nice sleeveless shirt or a flowing dress can do wonders. No need to wear plunging necklines and tiny mini-skirts. Dress comfortably and feel sexy.

Step 4

Don't complicate things. The eye contact thing is great to get his attention but you need some extra moves to drive the message through. You want to make him want to chase you. Young men are still addicted to the excitement of the chase but ill equipped for the chase itself. Pay him a compliment or ask him about himself. You can also introduce yourself outright without becoming too forward.

Step 5

He is still a guy--play the same old dating game.  The same rules apply when it comes to young guys.  Flirt with him by tossing your hair, playing with your jewelry and touching his arm invitingly. Leaning in also telegraphs your interest through body language.  Wait for him to ask you out. Being too aggressive will only push him away. Do not talk about past relationships, and don't complain about men.  Talking about kids should be kept to a minimum, too.

You should be able to snag a young stud for yourself without too much trouble. And just think of all the wonderful things you can teach him!  If the first try does not net you the guy of your dreams, then you can just try again. There will always be a plethora of young bucks out there. It is just up to you to find them. Happy hunting!!!


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