How To Let Someone Know You Love Him

Sometimes love strikes in an instant, the proverbial "love at first sight" scenario.  Sometimes love sneaks in slowly, almost imperceptibly, without a lot of fanfare and hoopla.  When it arrives, however, the strong desire to express those feelings to the beloved is almost overwhelming.  Oftentimes, fear of rejection will make you shy away from taking that first painful step to declare your love.  Other times, you may burst forth with an embarrassing display of show and scare him off.

Knowing how to express feelings of love for the first time in a relationship is not something most people get a lot of practice at doing.  New love is not an everyday emotion.  What should you do if you find yourself full of emotion and unsure of how to express those feelings?

First of all, avoid extremes.  Neither the "shout it from the rooftop" nor the "shy, hiding your love under a bush" method are going to produce the results you want.  Subtleties are good, at least at first.

Start by showing interest in him.  What does he like?  What does he do with his free time?  What does he do for a living?  If you don't know, ask.  Ask questions, and listen carefully to the answers.  No one can be totally disinterested in you if you are fascinated with him.  On future meetings, bring small gifts that reflect one of his interests.  It will show him you are paying attention to him and taking an interest in his activities.

Don't be too shy.  It's okay in this day and age for the woman to exhibit a bit of aggression in the romance department.  Ask him out for a drink, a movie or a trip to the bookstore to check out a book on one of the topics of interest you uncovered while talking to him.

Smile, but do it with sincerity, not a cockeyed grin that makes you appear deranged.  Show a pleasant personality around him.  Let him know you are happy to be in his company.  Find reasons to be in his company, and maybe make it's apparent that you go out of your way to do so.

These gestures will show you have taken notice of him without appearing too pushy.  It gives him a chance to respond, if he wants to, without undue pressure.  Don't assume his feelings are the same as yours, but at the same time, don't discount the possibility that he just might feel the same way.  If he starts to reciprocate in word or deed you can take this as a positive sign.  You might want to step it up a notch and try lightly touching his arm when you speak to him or inviting him to dinner to share further conversations.


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