How To Light an Outdoor Wedding

A wedding is an event that typically takes a lot of planning.  Most weddings are started during the day and end at nighttime.  However, some people like to have an outdoor wedding at night.  The first question that has to be addressed is how to light an outdoor wedding?   In order for the guests to enjoy your wedding and be comfortable, there must be adequate outdoor lighting.  Here are some ideas on how to light an outdoor wedding.

The first thing that must be taken care of is the power.  You will need to either rent a generator or borrow one from someone.  You will also need extension cords and plenty of them.  You will want to make sure they are long enough so that you can put them well out of the way of guests so that they don’t trip over them or get in their way.

For the surrounding light on the outer edge of the property, you could use tiki torches for a warm, soft light.  Tiki torches are really nice to use in a beach wedding, and they will last a long time.

A nice way to light up the tables is by using candles as the centerpiece on the table.  Who hasn’t sat down at a table with candles on it and didn’t immediately feel the romance or the intimacy they can create?  Because your wedding is going to have outdoor lighting, it would be best to make sure to use a glass vase or lantern to hold the candles securely so that they do not blow away or even blow out from the wind.

Another step to light an outdoor wedding is to use the surround trees for light.  Take some Christmas lights and string them up in the trees.  They may be tiny lights or large lights, colored lights or clear lights.  Either way, they will produce a nice ambiance and provide your wedding with the lighting you need.

As for the top of the reception area, if you run wires from the reception area and attach them to the trees, you can make a canopy that you hang more lighting on.  Some people enjoy hanging up Chinese lanterns in the outdoor reception area because they come in many different colors, and you can match the theme of your wedding or just provide a very festive mood!

And finally, when you have an outdoor wedding, everybody must be able to see the bride and groom.  You can use spotlights and have them focused directly on the bride and groom, especially if you are having a wedding at night.  Many of the items needed such as a spotlight or staging for the bride and groom to stand on can be purchased at a party rental company.

And there you have it.  Lighting an outdoor wedding is a very important task, but it can also be a fun task if you follow the above steps.  Your wedding will be a cherished memory long after everybody has gone home.


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