How To Live Happy Being Single

Love… ah yes, that magical thing that is brought about by two people shot by the love-arrows of Cupid. Love is what binds two people beyond their attraction to each other, living on in love in spite of witnessing the many flaws of the other person. This is one of the most magical things that can happen to any person. On the other hand, it can also be the most damaging, most life-changing, and most hurtful.

For many people, being single has been an on-off phase in their lives. Even after marriage, many people still split up because of the myriad of reasons that cause a break up. These ugly break-ups leave both parties alone most of the time, and in many cases, unhappy. This article was written to help make the single, unhappy people find happiness even without a partner.

Being single is not the end of the world. You have lived through many phases in your life when you were single and survived. There are many things that single people can do or be part of to enjoy his or her life. The rest of the article illustrates a few things that you can heed to, to enjoy life and live happy being single.

  1. Past is past. In order to be fully happy, you should keep in mind that carrying any unnecessary baggage is never the most brilliant of ideas. Whatever happens in the past, it would do you wonders if you just leave it there, and buried. We can never replace what has already been done, but we can always choose what we want to do about it. Look forward, and never look back.
  2. Count your blessings. No matter how hard the heartache is, there are still many parts of your life that give light and happiness to you, in more ways than you think. There’s you family, who has always been there since you came into this world. They can be a valuable source of love, attention and support that you may be craving for in the midst of a single life.
  3. More time, less pressure. Being single enables you to enjoy more free time with no obligations or anything that would require you to be with a certain person. With a free schedule, you are more able to do more than your counterpart. Many opportunities will open up soon as you open your door to new things, new experiences and new people. You can also use your time wisely to finally pursue the things that you have been putting off when you were attached. Who knows, this could be your biggest break yet!
  4. Love yourself. Ever hear of any friend who complains that he or she needs more time for his or herself? Well, you’re the lucky one. You have all the time for yourself! Use this time wisely and pamper yourself! Do what you love the most! Buy that pair of shoes without closing your eyes when you hand out your credit card. Your life is your own and you have all the freedom in the world!


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