How To Locate Samples of Wedding Slideshows

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires special attention. In wedding photography alone, couples to be married will spend up to a thousand dollars just for hiring a professional wedding photographer. All these wedding pictures are beautifully arranged in a photo album for every friend to see. But today's world has gone digital, and there are new ways to show those lovely wedding photos – through the use of wedding slideshows.

A wedding slideshow is an animated presentation of wedding photographs. Some slideshows can have musical backgrounds while the photographs are shown. Some even have captions and voice-overs. By creating a wedding slideshow, you can easily and conveniently send out copies of your wedding photos to friends using only the web and your computer.

By using video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle, or Final Cut Pro, your wedding photos can instantly be transformed into a wedding slideshow. After learning how to operate video editing software products and compiling your materials, you need some inspiration. Avoid difficulties in conceptualizing your wedding slideshow design through these inspiring samples of wedding slideshows.

1.    Online Wedding Slideshow Samples. The Web is actually your best resource for wedding slideshow samples. The following are just some of the websites you should visit if you want to see some wedding slideshow samples:

  • Wedding Slideshows. This website is actually a photography and video-coverage service provider specializing in weddings. You can visit the website’s Galleries where you can find the Wedding Slideshow Gallery.
  • Flash Slide Show. This website is dedicated to marketing a slideshow creator called Flash Slideshows. Fortunately, you do not have to buy the software just to watch some wedding slideshow samples. In the website’s Samples menu, you will be able to view different slideshow samples, including some wedding slideshow samples.
  • Ultra Slide Show. This website is the same as the Flash Slide Show. Both promote applications that can be used for slideshows. You can download this software for free if you want to try it out yourself. You can also look at some sample slideshows created with the use of the software. You can find the links to the samples at the bottom of the homepage. 

2.    Offline Wedding Slideshow Samples. Do not worry if you are not very techie because some offline resources can also provide you with great wedding slideshow samples. Here are some of these offline sources:

  • From Friends. Friends who recently got married probably have some wedding slideshows. You can ask for a copy and get inspired with these romantic slideshows.
  • Local Photographers. These professionals can only prove they are worth your trust if they can show you some nice wedding pictures. Most of these wedding photographers will give you wedding slideshows that are catalogued, which makes browsing even easier.
  • Bridal exposition. Here, you can also get access to some wedding slideshow samples. These samples are professionally created which means that you will be able to view only the finest samples.

Creativity can be enhanced by inspiration. Look for all sorts of wedding slide shows with different themes. Once you have been exposed to enough wedding slide shows, you will be able to create your own using the various concepts that you have used.


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