How To Look After a Newborn Baby

Nothing beats the joy of becoming a new parent. The euphoria and the fulfillment of being a helper in creating new life are extremely overwhelming. Of course, part of being a new parent is the new challenge of looking after a newborn baby. If you are a parent with a newborn baby, this is a phase that is most crucial since it marks the beginning on how you are to raise your cute, new baby.

Here are some of the things that you can do to look after your newborn baby in the best way possible.

  1. Adjust your schedule accordingly. You might need to devote as much time as you possibly can in watching over your newborn. You need to know that this is one of the most demanding phases of parenthood, as well as the most rewarding.
  2. Baby proof your home. Electric wiring, keeping small objects out of your baby’s reach and many other practical things need to be done to make sure that your home is baby proof and you will not add any more hazards to your very delicate baby.
  3. Soothe your newborn and build trust. This is the best time for cuddling your baby. Building trust by being alert to meet your baby’s pressing needs and soothing him with lots of affectionate gestures will help emotionally stabilize your baby. Massaging your baby gently is also a good way to help soothe and relax him.
  4. Observe proper lifting. Properly support the neck of your baby when you are lifting him from his crib. Make sure that you are also able to support the lower part of his body so that you will not break any bone.
  5. Diapers, breastfeeding and bottle formula. Breastfeeding may cause sore nipples but this is the best way to be able to transmit nutrients in your baby’s body. Diapers must also be of the best size so make sure that it is properly snug and the same time, with air for movement. The bottle formula is also essential and you need to consider it in relation to the age of your baby (a few months to around 3 years of age).
  6. Burping. Burping your baby after every feeding session helps him have sound sleep and be free of any discomfort.
  7. Bundling. Properly bundle your baby with a clean cloth by means of having a proper wrap. Some ready to wear baby clothing may be applicable but be very careful when dressing him. You might need some additional assistance in the beginning as you try to get used to it.
  8. Washing and cleaning. The gentlest soaps fit your baby the best. Warm water in a tub and a very clean, fresh towel to keep your baby dry afterwards is a good way to have the best washing and cleaning experience. Nose cleaners are also handy and so are soft cotton buds. But do it with extreme caution.

Amidst all these tips, you also need to be open to suggestions to people who have good experience raising kids. Your own parents may also be able to pitch in a thing or two in helping you look after your newborn.


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