How To Look Beautiful and Attract Men

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The science of attraction has generated a lot of controversy. Many a psychology guru has already outlined his own list of tips to help women attract the men that they want. You don’t really need to be a master of psychology or a well-read person of attraction articles just to get what you want. Make yourself look attractive, no matter what your age, with these guidelines: 

  1. Love yourself. This is the primary requirement. You cannot expect others to get drawn to you if you do not have some sense of healthy love for yourself. Your love for yourself will set the standard on how other people will treat you. So make sure that you are not lacking in this category.
  2. Be true at the very outset. While there is a roster of attractive women that you can imitate in the outside world, you need to be true to yourself first and foremost so that you attract the right men. You can’t get away with pretenses if you want a long lasting thing beyond the physical attraction.
  3. Know how to apply makeup. Your makeup will help enhance your best features and downplay the less flattering parts of your face. Your makeup will also communicate to men that you value your appearance and you take time to give your face some tender loving care. Not to be superficial or anything, but you are actually just making use of your physical features to present yourself well.
  4. Pick your figure flattering outfits. It matters little if you are shaped like an hourglass or a peach if you are not able to pick out the best outfits that will flatter your figure. Start wearing clothes that will highlight your assets and you will end up looking very pretty and attractive.
  5. Dress appropriate to the occasion. Where do you intend to find the date-able guy? Will it be in a gym or a gala night? In any case, you need to dress appropriately.
  6. Smile a lot. Even if you don’t have much to go around with after a harrying day at work, a sweet smile is always a trait of a guy magnet. Some try to promote that sultry seductive look with their eyes, but you can never go wrong with a genuine smile.
  7. Watch your posture. Even if you don’t have the height of a supermodel, men can still view you as one if you are able to walk gracefully.
  8. Develop your personality. In knowing yourself, you don’t just become more attractive. You also get to figure out who you are and what you really want in a man.
  9. Watch your body language. Crossed arms, crossed legs and a frown are some of the body language indicators of a difficult person. If you have the habit of crossing your arms or legs for fun, try breaking that habit.
  10. Put substance and style together. You don’t just have to walk great; you also need to walk the talk. Your looks will attract the men, but your substance will spell whether or not you can keep them attracted in the long run.

In all these numerous tips, the trick is not just in making yourself look beautiful, but really having that conviction inside of you that you deserve the best date out there. If you do not have this inner conviction, you will fail even if you succeed in the externals. And during those seasons that men don’t appreciate you, you should still have that appreciation for yourself. The irony of the matter is that the harder you try to please men, the more they elude you. So as you do follow these guidelines, value yourself more.


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