How To Look Good in Front of a Boy

Remember that day when the campus crush, carrying his baseball and his jersey and smelling like heaven, passed by in front of the table where you were sitting at the cafeteria? You just melted like you disappeared from that place because of the quick throbbing of your heart. Then, you imagine how it feels like to be held by that cute guy -- who instantly became your crush – while the most romantic love song is playing at the background.

But then you slipped out of your reverie and realized that your dream can never happen. You look at the mirror late that night and ask yourself if you can attract and win the attention of that boy. But you doubted whether you really could. As you approach adolescence, feelings like these become more and more normal. You have a crush on someone and are not able to sleep because of thinking of him excessively. You always want to look good, so to grab the attention of your crush. This is not bad at all. This is a normal part of your adolescent stage in life. Read this article and learn ways by which you can look good in front of a boy.

  1. Pick the right dress. Your dress will tell a lot of things about you the same way as it will decide on the way you look. Pick the kinds of dress that fits your size and frame. Also, choose the colors that look good on you or compliment your skin color. Your dress can overcome that facial feature or body part you have been whining about all your life so make sure that you have them at their best.
  2. Accessorize and wear make-up if necessary. It will not hurt you if you try to wear even a bit of blush on or foundation powder. As long as it suits your appearance and make you look good prettier, then why not try it? It will also be not much of a burden if you try wearing some beads, amulets or earrings that can add spice and style to the way you look.
  3. Smile! Still nothing can beat the more natural ways in looking good. Have a positive outlook in life and exude this by smiling and showing a cheerful disposition. If you are always lingering on the positive light of things, your appearance and aura will eventually follow. It will radiate a unique glow and it can make you look prettier and even younger.
  4. Carry the right attitude. Even if you wear the most glamorous dresses or the most dazzling accessories, if you do not have the self-confidence to wear them with style and poise, you might end up looking like an old star struggling to contribute a dot of light in the night sky. Have the right attitude and perspective, think of yourself as beautiful and worthy of being glanced at by the most good-looking guys in your school. Only if you have believed that you are beautiful yourself will it emanate naturally from within.

As you go through adolescence and learn more about yourself, you do things that help you create that positive and beautiful self-image of yours. This self-image is also shaped by the response and affirmations you get from other people. Follow the steps above and be the beautiful person you naturally are!


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