How To Look Hot on a Date

Definitely, there were times when your boyfriend has said something unpleasant about your dress, your scent, or your total appearance during one of your dates in the coziest restaurant in the city. While you might have felt offended by that comment, you might have also realized later that your boyfriend has a point.

After the date and when you have already reached home, you ponder upon the comment and look at yourself in the mirror. You ask what was wrong with your dress or with your appearance. You might end the day still confused and bothered and you cannot do anything about it.

Now, read this article carefully on how to look fabulous on a date and prevent that incident from repeating. Warn your loved one that the next time he sees you—he must prepare to be stunned!

  1. Know what your partner wants first. Since you partner will be the one who will gauge your “hotness” and assess whether you look hot or not, it is important that you know his standards. Does he prefer you wearing make-up or does he want you bare-faced? Does he want you to show lots of skin or does he prefer you heavily covered? Bear in mind what you think are his/her criteria in valuing the way you look and then do the necessary preparations based from there.
  2. Make the necessary adjustments. Once you have pondered intently upon what you think your partner likes you to look like, and then do the things that must be done. If you think your partner wants you to look fierce and aggressive, you may try having your ears or your tongue pierced. If you think your partner wants to see you clean, then grab the comb and hair blower and opt for low-profile clothes. Attune your clothing options and other choices to what you think your partner will like.
  3. Try new things. If you are feeling liberated and daring enough, you can decide to appear utterly new and surprise your partner with an untested, purely experimental look. If your partner is used to seeing you wearing plaid shirts and tight pants with a rubber shoes, why not try wearing polo and slacks in your next date? If you are used to that sweet-scented cologne, why not try that celebrity-endorsed perfume with an exotic smell? Dare to go unrestricted and wild and your partner may like it. He will appreciate your being daring, no matter what you wear and how you look.

Dates are special events between you and your partner. They mark special moments that you can spend together and do anything that both of you choose to do. That is why it is understandable why you always want to look good during your dates. You want to show your partner that you have put up an effort to look nice during the times you spend with each other. Follow the steps above and impress your partner with your look. Ultimately, you can also show him that you value him so much and that you care for your relationship.


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