How To Look Sexy When Naked

Men are not pigs. Pigs are sensitive and smart creatures and men are the exact opposite. That is why I wonder why women would want men to like them. More importantly, women want to look sexy for men. Men are sometimes insane. They are almost always wrong and you can guarantee that they will be slobs.

For all its worth, being sexy means a lot to women. It can land you a pretty good guy. Or if you already have a perfectly acceptable man in your stable, you can use your sexiness to keep your man. You can also control your man better with a few strategic days of sexiness. The ultimate in sexiness is if you can pull it off while you are naked. 

It is not as easy as it may seem.  With a few simple steps, you can look sexy when naked.  Being naked can leave you a vulnerable mess but with a few simple steps you can be sexy while in your birthday suit.

  1. Keep fit.  Exercising is a matter of common sense, but common sense is not as common nowadays. Having a fit body will help you look good naked. A nice toned body definitely looks better than a flabby one, but more importantly, being fit increases your confidence about your body. For more on the body, check the next step.
  2. Hygiene is good. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Take showers regularly. Men just love it when women sport that just-got-out-of-the-shower look. Shave the places you need to shave, i.e. armpits, legs and that sort of thing. Apply some moisturizer or lotion; men will go bonkers for your nice soft smooth skin.
  3. Stand up straight and smile.  A smile makes anybody look tons more beautiful. A smile can be sexy. It draws the eyes of your partner to your lips when you smile. It distracts him from the flaws of your body. Standing straight also enhances your body. Your body just looks better when you have good posture. As you stand up straight, your tummy looks smaller while your breasts seem more perky and larger.
  4. Choose the lighting. Adjusting the lighting can help you to look good. Soft toned lights give you flattering curves. Try candlelight. It is romantic and sets the perfect tone.

To go au natural can be scary but that is all part of the fun. Be confident in your body and you should look good in anything you wear. Or, in this case, what you don’t wear.


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