How To Lose Weight Before a Wedding

Everyone wants nothing but perfection for their wedding day. However, the magical moment when your soon-to-be spouse proposes to you soon becomes a frenzy of wedding planning that includes everything from the gown to wear to the people you will need to invite and everything else in between. Whether you suddenly find yourself having munched on a few too many energy bars or tried to calm yourself down and relax with more slices of dessert than you should have, weight is one of the problems that plenty of brides and even grooms face before the wedding. Here are some of the best ways to lose weight before a wedding.

  1. Try weights. People often assume that weight training is only for those who want sculpted bodies. In reality, however, weight training is also one of the best ways to quickly and efficiently burn calories. With weights, your body is exerting tremendous pressure and using up plenty of energy that can only be done through plenty of calories being burned in the body. this is also the reason why body builders need to eat plenty of high calorie foods when body building – because they will otherwise lose weight faster than they can bring in the bulging biceps or ripped abs. for a quick weight loss exercise program, basic weight lifting is the top choice.
  2. Kiss him. After lifting weights at the local gym, you may want to try more relaxing ways of losing weight. Kissing, studies have found out, is actually a pretty strenuous activity that can get plenty of calories burned. From kissing alone, studies have computed that up to twelve or more pounds in a year can instantly be removed. And if you do not want to kiss him before the two of you are officially married, you can at least work out with him in his basement gym which will help the two of you bond while losing weight.
  3. Bring in the water. One of the most popular diets today is the grapefruit diet, which has been around for decades. Studies show, however, that it is not the grapefruit itself which leads to weight loss. Instead, the high water content in grape fruit and other citrus fruits is the key. Whether you take in your liquids through a glass or through a fruit, just be sure to get plenty of water. Taking in a glass of water half an hour before eating will stave off excess appetite. Be sure to drink during the meal as well, as a way of slowing down your eating which can give the body more time to process food and give you the feeling of already being full.
  4. Midnight is for sleeping. Finally, try to stay away from the kitchen after dinner. Avoid the temptation to take in a few more bites or a few more cookies before going to bed. You can make this easier to do by cleaning up the dishes immediately after you eat and brushing your teeth. These symbols send signals to your brain that eating time is really over. If you must take in something in the middle of the night, go for healthy options such as yogurt.

Getting the perfect and comfortable fit into your wedding dress and looking absolutely stunning in every photograph can be done by losing weight before the wedding through these easy steps. Even better, these steps are easy to maintain even after you get hitched – which means staying slim and beautiful for a long, long time.


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