How To Lose Your Man

Are you bored out of your wits because of your simpleton boyfriend? Or is he bugging you with his nagging? Whatever the reason, it is absolutely hard to lose your man, especially if he is the eager type. To completely erase him from your sight without committing some crime, here are some sure-fire tips and advice that would surely make him head his way to oblivion.

  1. Just get out of his sight. If possible, you can just get out of his sight and erase any mode of communication between you and your man. Vanish from his sight if it is possible.
  2. Do some outrageous thing with another man. This would be the initial thing to do. Remember that men are innately possessive and they do not want their ‘possessions’ to get out of their control. Prove to him that you are the liberated and wise woman that he doesn’t see in the movies. Make a hot love video with another man and leave it on a table where he can see it. You can also go a party with him and blatantly flirt with the most handsome guy you see in the floor. If he doesn’t break down right into his knees, then he is really someone who needs some more emotional spanking.
  3. Make fake love letters that he could see, or some sort of love paraphernalia. If you are not that courageous to do some bold thing like what is said in number 2, then you can try this out. Create some hot love letters addressed to you and make him jealous into the point of insanity. Also, you can bring in some men’s underwear and put them in your bag. If he bursts into anger, act indifferently. Wait until he proposes that sweet break up.
  4. Erase any trace of you in the Internet. The tendency of this is that your man may do some scandalous thing against you. He may spread some things on the Internet, or post a libelous comment on your Facebook account for instance. Therefore, the wise thing to do before you do an artificial make up would be to erase any trace of you or eliminate any scandalous thing that he may spread in anger.
  5. Say it to him directly. If you are merciful enough to give him some confrontation, then do it. Go to some quiet and solitary place where you can talk and spill all the reasons of your breaking up with him. Say to him with honest responsibility that you do not love him anymore, things like that. However, if you are really serious to break up with him, don’t give in to mercy pleas that he will surely exhume afterwards. If he doesn’t, then rejoice—your annoyance for him may then be mutual.  Complete the talk with a definite conclusion.

Losing your man is really hard do to, practically and emotionally. Nonetheless, there is nothing more important than your own personal fulfillment. If you think you are not happy with your relationship, don’t hesitate and go for that relevant break up. Break ups, after all, are parts and parcel of life.


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