How To Love Again After a Broken Heart

Break ups and disappointments in love abound in the field of music, poetry and almost all facets of every day life. After all, apart from death, break ups are one of the saddest parts of life.

After a disappointment in what you expected to be a love of a lifetime, it is hard to trust someone else and risk feeling that pain again. However, it is not yet the end of the world for you. To help you cope up with your feelings and embark on another love venture, here are some tips that are tested and tried by the most broken hearted lovers who found their true love after a lot of heart aches.

  1. Let your feelings subside. Many would advise you to forgive and forget, but practically this is very hard to do and may be even impossible at some point in time. Just let time to do its work and let the feelings subside. If you do the contrary, the tendency is to fall into another relationship, and again break your heart. Keep away from any possibilities of any subsequent love affairs. It is better to wait till your mind is relatively clear of any hard feelings.
  2. Widen your paradigm. A traumatic event such as a break up often leads to bouts of nostalgia, and more often than not, big realizations. However, at the onset of these emotions comes a certain degree of what they call emotional dependability in which the sufferer of the trauma often depends on his emotions and not on his rational mind. The sufferer cannot distinguish the difference between the two. Consequently, you can make outrageous decisions and may exaggerate your condition. Widen your point of view and look at the past as something that is natural—that virtually everyone experiences a certain degree of it, and many people experience problems greater than yours that they can actually bear. It is just a question of a stable state of mind.
  3. Expand and strengthen your circle of friends. After a break up, you may feel a sense of loneliness and helplessness with the loss of your other half. You can look at this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your friends. You will eventually know that with a little help from them, you could actually do new things that you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship. The feeling of helplessness would subside in the process. You can expand your friendship circle and look for new acquaintances. Don’t seek for potential lovers this time.
  4. Don’t try so hard. Love is something that cannot be sought, much less  forced. It is something that is magically spontaneous. Therefore, you can find your true love or it can find you even in the most unexpected ways. You do not need to post your face in the Internet just to get a lover. You may not know it, but your soul mate is just around the corner.

Loving again after a broken heart is hard and definitely takes time. Be patient and you’ll surely meet your true love, the one who will never break your heart again.


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