How To Love Someone from Afar

Long distance relationships are interesting but definitely difficult circumstances.  Without immediate physical connection and no time for intimacy, it would be really a hard relationship with distance as the major hurdle. However, truly loving someone from afar tests the trueness of your relationship, and may make your relationship stronger through time. If you are struggling to maintain your affections for someone who is far from you, read these guidelines and your love will surely not falter.

  1. Communication is the number one rule. Communication is the most important factor in a relationship, as said by psychologists and experienced couples alike. Communication can partially make up for the absence of physical connection. With communication, you are still basically connected to each other, by sharing your daily experiences, your hardships and struggles that both of you are going through, and other things that can mold your relationship.  If the line of communication is eliminated, then your relationship will definitely go on a downfall. Always ensure that you are both updated with each other’s happenings in life, and share them to one another.
  2. Reject any temptation to enter into an affair. With distance also comes temptation, and definitely these temptations would be harder to rebuke because of the physical proximity you have with your partner. Remember that affairs are one of the most vigilant enemies of a healthy relationship, and entering into one can definitely extinguish the fire of love. Therefore, the bottom line would be your commitment to each other, and the seriousness you put in your relationship.
  3. Send him cards and gifts occasionally. Although old fashioned and definitely not economical in some sense, sending love cards (much better if personally made), can spice up your relationship. It would tell your lover how serious you are in maintaining your relationship. Gifts that you have made out of your own effort would have the same effect.
  4. Schedule an occasional visit to your lover. If you are financially able to do so, why don’t you visit him on special occasions? These instances would reawaken your passion for one another. Although the physical connection would be short lived, the most important factor is that you show him intensity of your love. Plan these ventures properly so you can make up and maximize your time with your partner.
  5. Don’t fret on problems on conflicts that may occur. Many conflicts happen, be it long distance relationship or not. Don’t go into a helpless delirium when such occurrences happen. They are normal, and these things would help strengthen your relationship thereafter. Solve the problem together talking, and don’t let anger and disappointment cloud your talk.

It is really hard to love someone from afar. It is a mixture of pure faith and trust on your relationship, and the strengthening of the binding principles, of a successful romantic relationship. Always trust your partner, maintain a healthy communication and control to forge your relationship. As the proverb says, distance makes the heart grow fonder.


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