How To Love Your Boss

It is absolutely normal in a job to feel some sort of subordination toward your older colleagues, and most especially your boss. It is because it is necessary to maintain a healthy working relationship and to get the job done smoothly. There are some bosses who are really hard to work with, especially if they are power trippers and possess qualities that would annoy anyone.

You do not want to burst into anger and get fired afterwards, for sure. Here are some tips to help you cope with the system and ultimately, love your boss, and adapt to the job’s environment.

  1. If he says insulting remarks, ignore him. Insults, the psychologists say, are relative. A seemingly cold hearted insult for one may be just a petty comment for another. Learn to understand your boss (this is basically a hard thing) and regard any remarks from him as part of his identity. Rebellion would only make things harder.
  2. Treat him to after work dinners and such. If you have the money to do so, you can treat for dessert or any of those sorts, not necessarily a full meal that would cut your wallet but something that would let you talk to each other. Your boss may have a heart of stone during office hours, but may be a gentleman afterwards. With these kinds of consolidation tactics, you can understand him more and may even get close to him.
  3. Treat your job as a tool for personal fulfillment. If he has comments, you must always take them as words of constructive criticism, however destructive they may be. You can regard it as a subtle challenge from your boss. You may not know it, but he may be eyeing you for a pending promotion.
  4. Do some self-reflection. Reflect on yourself. Why did your boss say that to you? Are you doing your job as a professional or are you performing on a substandard manner? These kinds of self-reflecting questions will again help you understand your boss.
  5. Love your job. This is certainly one of the most effective moves to do in loving your boss. Love your job and consequently you will love everything that is related to it, even your boss. The trick may be how to love your job. Although loving one’s job may be very difficult, it will definitely lessen your burdens in life.
  6. Maximize your performance. Why? Doing your all in your job would give you a bigger chance to get promoted. Once you‘re promoted, you’ll have a bigger salary and will surely love your boss because of it.

Loving your boss is very similar to that Biblical proverb, “Love your enemy.” It would be really hard to do that especially if your boss is something who can’t possibly be adored. However, loving someone as elitist and proud as your boss may be professionally advantageous for your own personal success. Always remember to go with the flow, or else you’d be knocked off.


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