How To Make a Baby Burp Pad

When you have a baby, you don't have to buy expensive new stuff all the time. Sometimes, you can save a lot on expenses by learning how to do certain baby things by yourself. Not only can you save a lot on expenses, you can also bring out your creativity and choose unique designs for your baby. One such item is a baby burp pad. You don't have to buy those expensive burp pads in baby shops. You can actually create your own unique burp pad from scratch. All you need are clean scraps of fabric and your ingenuity. Below are steps on how to make a baby burp pad.

  • Gather your materials. Begin this project by gathering your materials. Find two lengths of fabric with textures that contrast with each other. You should be able to find interesting fabric textures from your old clothes, blankets or even quilts. Cut these fabrics into strips that are 24-inches long and 10 ½ inches wide. You should also find some thread, embroidery materials and fabric paint, to be used to decorate your baby's burp pad.
  • Find fun, quirky designs. For your fabric, don't be a bore and choose the plain-colored ones. Choose fabrics that are bright, quirky and cheerful. After all, it is for your baby. You can choose fabrics with cute designs like bunnies or puppies.
  • Choose a fabric that is absorbent. At least one of your fabrics should be absorbent. They could be terry or flannel, something that will be able to absorb your baby's spit easily. For both fabrics, make sure that you choose gently fabrics that will not irritate your baby's tender skin.
  • Place the two fabrics against each other. With the wrong sides facing each other, put the two pieces of fabric together. Stitch these two together, leaving a seam of about half an inch. Leave an opening of one and a half inch for you to turn. Make your stitches as close together and as neat as possible to make your burp pad sturdy. You can attach the two fabrics together temporarily with safety pins so you won't make crooked seams while turning the fabric.
  • Turn the pad. Once you have stitched the first three sides, turn your fabric right side out through the opening you have left out. Press the seams together to form a neat edge for your baby's burp pad. Flip the fabric again and stitch the opening neatly. Use a topstitch around the baby burp pad's edges to close out the fabric edges. Make sure that your stitches are not done too tightly so the edges will not wrinkly.
  • Decorate the burp pad. If you are feeling a bit more creative, you can decorate your baby's burp pad with some cute patches and appliqués. You may even paint or embroider your baby's name onto the fabric before you sew the edges together.

When you are embarking on this project, make sure that you have fun. Think of it as something you are doing lovingly for your baby. Make more than one baby burp pad, so you can be ready with one even if one is soiled already. As much as possible, recycle fabrics so you won't have to spend as much. Clean your baby's burp pad regularly. Hand wash gently with antibacterial soap to ensure your baby's safety. You may use hypoallergenic soap if your baby has sensitive skin.


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