How To Make a Baby Diaper Carriage

A baby diaper carriage is a good gift idea if you are attending a baby shower. You can easily make your own baby diaper carriage with just a few materials. By doing your own baby diaper carriage, you can customize the things that you want to place inside and use your own designs to make a nice carriage. Follow the instructions below to know how you can make a baby diaper carriage.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for the baby carriage are a big basket, disposable diapers, a stuffed toy, baby bib, baby blanket, ribbons, lace and trimmings, baby pillow and a big fleece cloth. Purchase any other items that you want to include in the basket.
  • Prepare the basket. The basket will be the carriage. You can choose to decorate the basket in any way you like. Use the fleece cloth and line it at the bottom and sides of the basket so that the items that you will put inside will have something to rest on. If you want, you can also use the fleece cloth to wrap the basket all around. Use light blue for a baby boy and light pink for a baby girl. If you are unsure of the baby’s gender, you can just use a neutral color such as yellow.
  • Add items to the basket. Now you can add the items in your basket. Since this is a baby diaper carriage, you must have disposable diapers. You can put in about 4 to 5 pieces of disposable diapers. Arrange them in the basket. Next, add the stuffed toy. Make sure that the stuffed toy does not have some small parts that can choke the baby. Place it at the center of the carriage. Add other items that you want to the basket. You can place the blanket over the body of the stuffed toy or just fold it at the side.
  • Decorate the basket. The baby diaper carriage is now complete. All you have to do is to add decorations to the basket so that it will be more presentable. Add a lace trimming or tie ribbons around the basket. To secure the trimming and lace in place, you can use glue gun.
  • Wrap the basket. You can choose to leave the basket as is or you can also use a mesh wrapper or transparent colored wrapper to wrap the basket. If you are going to transport the baby diaper carriage, you might want to use a wrapper to keep the contents inside. Lay the basket at the center of the wrapper and gather all the sides together. Use a twisty or a ribbon to tie the ends together.

It is that easy to make a baby diaper carriage. Now you have a simple and beautiful gift to give to a baby shower without spending a lot. You can create different types of baby carriages to give as gifts. You can place toys, books, clothes or any other items for the baby inside.


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