How To Make a Baby’s Rattle

You can create a unique baby rattle out of some materials that you have at home. Babies are always fascinated by new sounds that they hear and colors that they see. You can easily make a baby rattle that is fun and safe for your baby. Find out how to do this project by following the simple instructions that are provided below.

Here are the steps that you can follow to make your own baby rattle.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this project are different colors of felt, ribbons, scissors, needle and thread, beans or lentils and a plastic medicine bottle. Make sure that the plastic medicine bottle has a push and twist lid so that your baby cannot open it. Wash the medicine bottle thoroughly and allow it to dry.
  • Measure the outer cover. You will be using felt to cover the medicine bottle. First, measure the felt that you need to cover the entire bottle. Make sure to leave some allowances on the sides and on top so that you can sew them together to make the outer casing for the medicine bottle. Use a bright color that your baby can easily see.
  • Place lentils inside the bottle. When the plastic medicine bottle is already dry, you can place some lentils inside. Fill the bottle about 1/3 with lentils and put on the lid. Shake the bottle to see if the lentils inside are enough to produce a good sound. If you don’t have lentils, you can use other small materials for your rattle such as beads or small stones.
  • Sew the outer cover. Now you can sew the outer cover for your medicine bottle. Use the bottle as a guide when you are sewing so that it can fit in properly. You must sew the edges twice so that the cover will not come off easily even when your baby tampers with it or throws it. Sew on all the edges but leave the top portion open. Insert the medicine bottle and sew shut the opening. Now you have simple rattle for your baby.
  • Decorate the rattle. Now that you have the base for your baby rattle, you can add decorations on the cover so that it will be more appealing to your baby. Use different strips of colored felt or patterned fabric. Sew them on the cover of the baby rattle. You can also add other materials such as patches or ribbons and lace. Do not use beads or other small materials since they can easily be removed and choke your baby.

Now you know how to make a baby rattle out of simple materials that you have at home. This is a cheaper alternative than buying a rattle from a baby store. Do not leave your baby to play with the rattle alone. The decorations can be removed and this can choke the baby. You can create plenty of rattles with different materials inside so that your baby can play with rattles that produce different kinds of sounds.


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