How To Make a Balloon Rubber Duckie

Inflatable animals have been commonplace children’s toys. Apart from their simplicity as a source of entertainment for kids, this kind of balloons is also easy to make. No need to assemble massive parts into a complex structure. No need to overcome progressive levels to get to the reward. The reward instantly comes across a kid’s face at the sight of a balloon animal. A balloon rubber duckie is one of the more popular inflatable animal toys. Why? Apart from it requires only straightforward ways for creation a duck is an easily identifiable winged animal. Here are some straightforward ways on how to make a balloon rubber duckie.

  • Blow air into a yellow balloon. You have to have a yellow balloon at hand. Blow a tiny bubble into the inflatable. Make sure you do not blow too much air so as not to burst the balloon. Do not also blow minimal air so as to keep the balloon rubber duckie in shape longer. Like in any balloon animal, hold the end firmly after creating a bubble inside.
  • Blow more bubbles inside the balloon. This time, create a ripple effect by blowing another bubble, three times this time, in the balloon. The effect should span from 2 to 2 ½ inches. Remain careful in blowing the balloon to avoid bursting.
  • Let there be a duckie’s head. This is the part where we begin forming the body parts of the duckie. Holding both ends of the yellow balloon, scale a part of one of the balloon’s ends, about the width of a hand. Take the scaled part and instantly fold it with a twist. Do you now see the head of the duckie?
  • Another ripple effect, longer this time. Just as with the head, blow three bubbles in the body of the balloon. The same three-ripple effect should be bigger than the ripples of the head. This should measure about three inches in length after creation. This will be representing the neck of the duck in the balloon. You do not have to do any twisting or folding in this part. But you should be able to establish the neck from the rest of the duckie’s body.
  • Let there be eyes. After the neck has been formed, finish up with the rest of the rubber duckie’s body parts. Go back to the head. With the use of a laundry marker, draw the eyes of the duck on each side of the face. Draw them big and round. Finish up by putting big, curly eyelashes above the eyes.
  • Finish up the rubber duckie. To make it as real as it can be, put nostrils on each side of its bill. Your rubber duckie is now finished and ready to swim around the lake. Try looking for a child to give away the toy to.

The steps to making a balloon rubber duckie are really a no-brainer. You only need to do a few blowing and rippling here, a little twisting and folding there. No wonder it is a favorite toy among kids. It is also as simple to appreciate.


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