How To Make a Bamboo Wedding Arch

The wedding is a couple’s most anticipated day in almost a lifetime, especially the bride’s. Whatever the kind, the wedding deserves and requires utmost preparations. Be it a church wedding or an outdoor wedding, decorations are among the neediest of the organizers’ attention. The bamboo wedding arch is an alternative to a church wedding’s altar. It plays a significant symbolism in this grand rite of exchanging marital vows. It employs elaborate details to give an outdoor wedding its organic, natural feel. Below are a few steps on how to build a bamboo wedding arch.

  • Gather the bamboo. To be sure of the quality, it is advisable for you to buy commercial bamboo sticks. Eight pieces is a good quantity but make it ten or a dozen to be sure. Each stick should run at least eight feet in height. Separate a couple of sticks and cut each in half. Soak them in a large barrel of water for three hours or until the bamboos have gone flexible.
  • Link up the bamboo. Take another four or five pieces of bamboo and lay each one side by side on the ground. Starting with the first pole, tie a twine just one foot away from the pole’s end. Connect the loose end to loop the first pole to the second pole. Tie a knot on the second pole just as what you have done in the first. Keep doing this process until you have linked up all four or five poles. You can tie the poles the second time to secure the poles in their position.
  • Keep tying the bamboo. Repeat the tying process for every foot up the poles’ length. When you are done, take another set of four to five bamboo pieces and do the same twining.
  • Form an arch. Remove the cut pieces from the water. Allow them to gently take an arch form. They should maintain that position so you may have to clasp them onto something or set things on them to maintain their formation. Once set, tie them all up to end up with a four-stick-wide arch.
  • Put the arch on its sidings. The two sets of four to five bamboo pieces will act as the arch’s sidings. Take one end of the arch and let your friend take the other. Stick your side of the arch to one siding with the use of floral wires. Let your friend do the same with the other side of the arch to the other siding. If you want to secure the pieces tightly, use floral tape to cover the sidings. Let the arch stand upright.
  • Fill the arch with decor items. Do it however you wish. You can fill the sidings with flowers, leaves, ribbons, shells. Use floral wire to secure the embellishments of the arch. A beautiful bamboo arch is now ready for the wedding.

With just a few fairly easy steps, you now have a bamboo wedding arch ready to be used. It is so simple it can blow you away.


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