How To Make a Bed Skirt for a Crib

Bed skirts for cribs are important for new parents, especially if they want the nursery to be perfect for their child. Having a bed skirt complement the designs and décor in your room can add elegance and symmetry to the room. Although you can easily buy bed skirts in malls, you can make your own for a personalized look or as gift to a baby shower. If you want to know how to make a bed skirt for a crib, here are the things you need to do.

  • Prepare the materials. Ready a sewing machine for the fabrics or you can just sew the cloth by hand if you want to. You’ll also need panel fabric, about two yards, and pleat fabric of about a yard in size. Look for any cheap fabric of the same or similar color and design as that of your panel fabric, about a yard and a half in size. Also prepare a cutter, pins, and a ruler.
  • Ready the cloths. Gather the cloths and wash them before ironing. Do this before you cut the fabric into their required size.
  • Cut the materials. Get the panel fabric and cut it into three equally-sized strips. Measure the length of the crib so you’ll know the length of the skirt, then divide the measurement into three. Normally, the length would be 14 ½ inches each. For the shorter panels, cut the strips into six pieces with 9.5 inches width, and for the longer panels, cut the strips into eight panels of 13 inches each.

    For the pleat fabric, cut it into three pieces. They should be of equal length and size, about 14 ½ inches long. From these strips, make ten pieces with 7.5 inches in width.

  • Put the pieces together. Use pins to put the fabric pieces together. Get the pieces from the shorter panels and line three fabric strips together. Pin them together with the tops lined together. As for the longer panels, line and pin together four fabric strips, also with the tops lined together. You’ll come up with two sets of each.
  • Sew the pieces. Sew the pieces with an allowance of about a half inch per seam. Serge the ends so the edges doesn’t fray. If the ends are not of equal length, mark the length to remove with a ruler and use a cutter to even them out. Don’t be afraid to redo the sewing if necessary.
  • Hem and sew. Measure a quarter of an inch on each side and mark these out. Fold it and iron the cloth. Measure another quarter of an inch and iron it again. Afterwards, sew the ends. Do the same for both ends of each panel.
  • Process the cheap fabric. Get the fabric and make a measurement of 53 x 29 inches. Locate the center of the fabric, either by folding the fabric in half, or measuring it with a ruler.

    Place the cut pieces of cheap fabric on top of each other. Get the panel fabrics and place them on top of the cheap fabric, with an end in line at the center. Pin the edges to the rest of the fabric. Start from the edge of the panel fabric and continuously add a pleat fabric up to the ends, placing one pleat on top of another. Pin the edges of the pleat. You can add additional pins in the middle of the fabric to keep them in place. Iron the pieces to flatten them out.

  • Sew the pleats. Once completed, sew the pleats in place with a half an inch allowance on each pleat. Afterwards, sew all four sides of the crib blanket.

For expectant mothers, a personal touch is a great way to give her unborn baby. You can even add designs that will look best on the bed skirt.


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