How To Make a Bow for Your Wedding Corsage

Wedding Corsages For the Do-it-Yourself Bride
Wedding corsages are a regular part of the bride's wedding day.  Often, these can be quite expensive.  Many brides like the idea of choosing their own flowers and then creating their own bridal bouquet with their wedding corsage as part of the bridal bouquet.  When you choose to do-it-yourself, be aware of the type of flowers you choose.  A professional florist can help with the selection, although it's also a good idea to check various sources for the types of bridal flowers that are most durable, yet appropriate for a wedding.

The Size of the Wedding Corsage
The size of the wedding corsage will determine the size of the bow to make.  Most contemporary brides prefer a smaller size arrangement of corsage flowers: a single white orchid, tiny white rosebuds, stephanotis or a combination of flowers. Make the bow complement the flowers and the arrangement.  If the choice is a large flower, the bow should be made a bit understated so as not to overpower the corsage design. For a large white orchid or two smaller orchids, a simple satin bow set into fine lace might be a good choice.

To make a bow for a wedding corsage, about a yard of satin ribbon might be needed.

  1. Simply fold the ribbon at a two and a half inch length until the entire ribbon is gathered. 
  2. Tie off the center with the ribbon ends or a small strip of the ribbon precut from the yardage. 
  3. Make certain that the knot in the center is as tight as possible.
  4. Separate the ribbon on each side of the knot.  This makes a wide, showy bow.
  5. Next create lace inserts. These can be done with florists tape and wire in white.
  6. Cut 2 to 4, small 1-inch squares of fine lace, depending on how large the bow will be for the wedding corsage.
  7. Fold each square in half and then in quarters, until the bottom of the square has a vertical point. 
  8. Attach a small length of wire about a half inch long to the pointed end and secure tightly.
  9. Use white florist tape to cover the wire and the base of the lace.
  10. Pull the wired lace through the center knot of the bow and twist to secure. 
  11. Repeat with remaining lace squares. 

This creates a pretty bow with a lacey look that sets off most any type corsage.


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