How To Make a Boyfriend Overcome Shyness

There are many men who are actually very shy and may need some of your encouragement to overcome this difficulty. However, that is not to say that you need to follow a ten-step program to make your boyfriend get over his shyness. Actually, it just takes time and encouragement. If your guy knows he can trust you and be fully accepted by you whether you always understand him or not, he will be more likely to open up to you.

So, while it's not your full-time job to get rid of all shyness from your boyfriend's life, there are some things you can try which will make it easier for him to overcome. Start by willingly and honestly complimenting him. You can do so for just about anything. Compliment him for a job well done, a creative idea for a date, or a nice outfit he is wearing. Show him that you appreciate him by taking the time to thank him and encourage him to continue his efforts. Don't squelch a man and further his shyness by degrading him, shooting down his efforts, or always complaining about things he does - what a way to make your boyfriend clam up and hide in his shell.

Another wonderful way to help boyfriend overcome shyness is to allow him to be the leader. Refuse to always step in and make decisions for him. Shut your mouth and let him do the talking. Though it may take some practice on his part, eventually he will enjoy being the man and taking responsibility. If, however, you rush ahead and take charge, your boyfriend will never have the need to do anything and will consequently remain shy.

Ask your boyfriend his opinion and be interested in it. Avoid overriding opinions and decisions, and beware of always being totally independent. Show also that you need your boyfriend, that you truly love him and want him in your life for more than just a Friday night date.

The best way to help your boyfriend overcome shyness is to build trust in the relationship. If you can prove yourself loyal and honest, willing to listen and to hold his words in your heart, you're on the right track. If he can see that you will be encouraging and will love him regardless of what happens, he will be able to open up to you and show you more of himself instead of hiding away.

Guys often are shy because they don't want to be hurt or they feel inferior; given time, if they feel safe and secure, the shyness will slip away.


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