How To Make a Bridal Gift Card Box

Wedding gift box with bow

Brides enjoy every aspect of planning for their wedding. Every detail from the date, to the dress, to the bridal card box used at the reception is important.

The card box is one of the simplest decorations for the wedding and yet they can be seen in a wide variety of styles. The card boxes can be bought pre-made online or at a local bridal store, but most brides like to create their own boxes to ensure it coordinates with the wedding theme. Here's how to create your own wedding gift card box.

  • Style and Design of the Card Box is Important. There are many options to choose from when considering the style of the card box. They can be disposable or permanent. They can come in the form of a treasure chest, cardboard box, wishing well, a birdcage, a tiered cake, etc.

    Brides should put some thought into exactly what they need from the card box. Do they want it to be permanent in order to store wedding memorabilia? Do they want it under lock and key to ensure the safety of the cards from theft? Do they want it to be open or do they want a closed box with a card slot? These are questions that need to be answered before the designing of the card box begins.

    There are many ways to decorate the box such as using paint, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, fabric, ribbon, bows, flowers, etc. The ideas are endless. Many designs are based on the theme of the wedding. A good adhesive is also needed to attach the materials to the box. Fabric glue or a hot glue gun is a good choice.

  • Consider a Fabric Covered Bridal Card Box. The first step is to find a suitable cardboard box. One with a removable lid or a flip lid would be ideal. If a slot is wanted for the cards, this would be the time to cut one out. Make sure the slot is big enough for some of the biggest cards.

    Once the slot has been cut out, a decision on how to decorate it needs to be made. Satin is a very popular choice if fabric is the option. Depending on the size of the treasure chest, enough fabric is needed to cover the entire chest. The fabric should be wrapped around the box as if a present were being wrapped. Be sure to glue the fabric along the edges and at the corners with fabric glue or a hot glue gun. Pull the fabric taut to ensure a smooth, tight look.

    To create the unique aspect of the design, decorative ribbon or flowers can be adhered along the edges. Other ideas include sequins, lace, butterflies, pictures, etc. Just about anything goes.

    Once the fabric is attached to the box, a slit has to be made in the fabric over the slit that was made in the box previously. This can be done with a sharp razor, scissors, or a craft knife. Make sure to glue the fabric edges of the slit to the underside of the lid to ensure smoothness and a more professional appearance.

To add a finishing touch to the card box, you can purchase a long tassel or a lock and key assembly to be adhered to the front.


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