How To Make a Bridal Headpiece with Net and Feathers

The wedding gown plays a great role in the wedding, but one of the key accents that will make or break the gown is the bridal headpiece. Although most gowns come with their own headpiece, customizing your own is still one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to get exactly the type of bridal headpiece that will finish off your dream wedding. For bridal headpieces, net and feathers is one of the top choices. Net and feathers are very delicate and immediately accentuate most gowns. Here’s how.

  1. Make the body. The body of the bridal headpiece consists of the net fabric. Make sure that you spend some time choosing the type of fabric that you will use since it will determine much of the design. A heavy net fabric will not allow much puffing and the fluid motion that is sought in most bridal headpieces. At the same time, net fabrics that are too light will not stay put and can move too much during the actual wedding ceremony. Once you have chosen the net fabric, bunch it up to form a cloud.
  2. Test on the bride’s head. Make sure that you check the bridal headpiece on the actual bride, since the customized headpiece should flow from the head of the bride beautiful. You should also consider the type of dress that the bride will wear, as well as how she will get her hair done during the actual wedding. These types of bridal headpiece usually work well with chignons or buns. Once you have determined the form that you want the net fabric to take, use sewing pins to lock the design into place.
  3. Sew on. Take a white fabric and use this to sew the edges of the fabric net together. Once this is done, you can remove the sewing pins. If you are going for very puffy designs, you should insert filling inside the headpiece, such as very light net fabrics. In some cases, you can even leave a silk flower inside the bridal headpiece before you actually sew the headpiece close.
  4. Design the feathers and flowers. The next step will be for you to create a design using the feathers and flowers. Bleached white feathers are the most inexpensive, but you can also purchase larger and more elegant decorative feathers such as white peacock feathers. Arrange these on the table, before sewing them onto the headpiece. The X-stitch is usually used to sew the feathers together.  Make sure that you use a silk thread that matches the color of the feather.
  5. Attach the feathers to the bridal headpiece. Once the feathers and silk flowers have been sewn together, you can attach these onto the net headpiece. Sew these into place. On the actual wedding day, you can secure the finished bridal headpiece using decorative pins or pearl tips.

With a net and feather bridal headpiece, any bride is sure to look stunning. Weddings are supposed to be one of the most memorable days in a person’s life. A gorgeous net and feather bridal headpiece is one step closer to that direction.


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