How To Make a Child's Wooden Swing Set

Metal swing set

A child's wooden swing set can be the best gift the kids ever get. They love them because they look huge and are extremely sturdy, and the best part of a child's wooden swing set is that, it lasts for years, giving your children and their friend’s years of enjoyment.

The first thing you need to think about when you decide to build your own wooden swing set, is the fact that your children will be playing here, so you need to make sure that you make everything completely safe. You want to get the right help when you buy the materials to make sure that everything is child friendly.

Your first step will be to go to the home improvement store. You are going to need several items.

  • You will need a few 2x4 redwood planks that have been pressure treated
  • 2x6 planks made from pressure treated redwood (redwood is best because it stands up to the elements well)
  • Pick up the chains to hang the swings from, but make sure they are strong
  • bolts, washers, and nuts to attach the planks and the swings (Make sure the washers and knots are galvanized)
  • swings
  • cement

You will also need a few tools which you may already have, but if not you will need to get them.

  • a carpenter’s angle
  • a power drill
  • an electric saw

While in the lumber area of the home improvement store, tell the sales person that you need a total of about 44 feet of 2x6 redwood planks, and about 16 feet of 2x4. You may need a little more than that, so be prepared.

When you are ready to work, your first step will be to cut the 2x6 into 4 pieces of about 8ft in length. You are going to use these as the sides of the swing set. Then you want a 2x6 that is 12ft long to be the top of the swing set. Place the four smaller pieces at equal angles to the top piece, and use the carpenter’s angle to cut the four pieces so that they are flush with the top piece. You are probably going to need someone else around to help you hold the pieces together.

Once you have done that, then you want to drill holes into the wood, so that the four side pieces can be attached to the longer piece that is the top of the swing set. Once this is finished, screw the bolts and nuts in. Make sure they are flush and very tight. Now you can turn the structure right side up. Take a 2x4 plank, and place it across the structure. Do this on both sides, so that the swing set is stable. Drill holes into the structure on the outer side, and bolt them in place.

Place the child's wooden swing set where you are going to leave it, and dig holes in the ground to place the bottom posts in. Pour the cement in, and place the swing set in the holes. This is done so that the swing set won't tip over when the kids are using it.  Attach the swings, and in many cases you will need to drill the holes and bolt the swings, in but this really depends on the type of swing package you bought. These usually come with some type of instructions.


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