How To Make a Country Wedding Centerpiece

Country weddings have a simple elegance firmly grounded in a rustic setting. Often they reflect the season in the decorations.  If you'd like original centerpieces for your country wedding, try terracotta pots or earthenware crocks for a fun change from the standard crystal containers. Containers should be between mug-sized and pitcher-sized.

During a spring wedding, the earth is beginning to bloom and the centerpieces take color from new buds like tulips or orchids. Take pitcher-sized crocks, pots, or crystal and add water for the flowers. Tie ribbons around the stems of the tulips for a closer bunch or around the top of the container for an added touch to coordinate with the wedding colors. Good color choices include pale green, lavender, light pink, and soft yellow.

In the summer, use the containers filled with water and add citrus slices and candles for a fragrant mix. The citrus slices may be lemon, lime, and/or orange, depending on colors or fragrances desired. Tie ribbons around the containers. An alternative is to add shafts of wheat or oats tied with ribbon in the containers. Shafts of grain do not need water, which makes them a better choice if they are in danger of getting knocked over. Good color choices include bright red, blue, yellow, and purple.

If your wedding takes place in the autumn, use containers for candles on top of wood slices and place candy corn around like confetti. Indian corn and small gourds also work well for a container-less centerpiece. Ribbons tied around the husks of Indian corn can coordinate with the wedding colors. Use cattails bound together with ribbon in the middle of the table.  The second two need neither water nor fire for a pretty display, making them perfect for children’s tables or for tables where items may be passed around. Good color choices include rust red, gold, soft brown, and green.

For a winter wedding, small branches of evergreen trees, pine cones, and sprigs of holly placed inside the containers bring the starkness of the season to the wedding centerpiece. These may also be placed in pleasing groups in the center of the tables without the containers. Another idea is to add pine cones along a length of ribbon on the tables. Good color choices include red, dark green, brown, and silver.

Country wedding centerpieces add rustic flair to the table settings. They are simple, colorful, and may also add fragrance to the tables. The centerpieces express the beauty of country weddings, bringing a familiar feel to the elegant occasion.


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