How To Make a Creative Wedding Card

Why buy a pre-made, unpersonable, wedding card when you can make a creative and meaningful one yourself?  Most wedding cards will be thrown away shortly after the money is plucked from the inside.  A creative card will be saved for years to come.

Before making your creative wedding card, you'll need to think about the couple you're making it for.  You'll want to jot down information on their hobbies, jobs, collections, sport teams or family.  For example, the groom may like hunting and has a pet dog.  The bride may enjoy shopping and collecting pieces of "bling".  Next, you'll think of a theme.  If the groom likes to hunt, then the background of the card could be camouflage.  Add in the groom's dog, put a shopping bag in the hand of the bride and decorate the entire card with "bling".

Next, with your thoughts and theme in mind, you'll want to visit your nearest hobby store.  Take a trip back to the scrapbooking aisle.  First, pick out a few sheets of card stock for the base of your creative card.  Then, gather some sheets of patterned paper that might be used for the background or trim.  You'll need a bride and groom to attach to the card.  These figures could be paper cutouts, stickers, or if you're daring enough, draw them yourself.  Get any extra items you may need.  In the example above, a dog cutout, a miniature shopping bag, and a few tiny faux jewels.  Don't forget the glue stick!

It is now time to make the card.  First, grab your card stock and cut to the preferred size, or if pre-cut simply fold in half.  Second, decide how you're going to use the patterned paper that you selected for your wedding card.  Cut the paper to fit, slather on the glue stick, and apply to the card.  Sticking to the example above, camouflage paper would be applied to the entire front of the card.  Next, apply the bride and groom.  Add any other features to the front to further personalize your creative card.

The final step is writing endearing thoughts inside the card.  Be sure to use a nice pen that writes exceptionally well.  Black ink is more formal than any other color of ink.  A thought can be as simple as "Congratulations!" or as complex as writing advice to the new couple. Whatever words you choose, the couple will treasure the card for years to come.


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